SWTOR Cartel Market Additions: Game Update 6.1.4

As a shameless The Mandolorian cash out ( and I’m not even upset ), check out the newest Armor Sets, Weapons, mounts, and more, available now on the Cartel Market!

Infamous Bounty Hunter’s Armor SetAvailable Now!

(When entering combat the helmet reticle lowers and gauntlet extends. The reticle color changes based on equipped color crystal. Armor Set can be bought alone or as a bundle with the Payday Blaster Pistol and Amban JP Blaster Rifle.)Discharged Infantry Armor SetAvailable Now!

(Weapon is not included in the set.)Payday Blaster PistolAvailable Now!/Amban JP Blaster RifleAvailable Now!/(This weapon has a unique kill animation. Animation doesn’t trigger with ability use.)Devastator Hoverturret MountAvailable Now!

(Mount has a firing flourish.)Desert Mudhorn MountAvailable Now!

Exiled Mercenary Decoration BundleAvailable Now!