Making a Star Wars Battlefront 2 Helmet for Janina Gavankar

This is a really cool project that any Star Wars fan will appreciate. Check out the team making this helmet and then giving it to Janina Gavankar. If you watch the video below all the way to the end, you can also see an interview with her and the presentation of the helmet. It’s absolutely worth watching it all. You can just feel her excitement for the story, her love of Star Wars, and how genuine it is that she really seems to love the helmet. It’s fantastic.

She is so excited! After saying how badly she wants to be able to cosplay as the character, they surprise her with the helmet and her reaction is amazing. So check out the video below to learn more about the project and how they built the helmet.

From Tested:

Recently, we had the opportunity to make a replica prop helmet from EA’s upcoming Star Wars Battlefront 2. Frank walks us through the steps to fabricate and finish it in his shop, based off of in-game reference. The Inferno Squad Commander helmet belongs to Iden Versio, played by actress Janina Gavankar, and we were able to surprise Janina with it at D23!

This is really cool!

First, it sounds like it would be great to work with EA on a project like this. Secondly, it’s just really awesome to see how a professional makes props like this. If you’re a Star Wars cosplayer, a fan film producer, or just anyone who has reason to want to make costumes, you’re going to want to watch this.

Lisa Clark

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