Really Cool Darth Revan Cosplay from Katsucon 2016

You know how we love Star Wars and SWTOR cosplay here and you know how we love bringing you really awesome projects from other Star Wars and SWTOR fans. Well, here is another one of those that combines both of these. This is an awesome cosplay of Darth Revan from Katsucon 2016 and he’s shared pics with us, as well as other details about the sabers, photos and more. His costume was commissioned from and we know about the quality of work they put out on cosplay items and  I belive the lightsabers are custom made from Zia Sabers. So it’s a win-win all around for this beauty.

Below is information from the owner, as well as pics of him in the costume. What do you think? I love how many different interpretations of Darth Revan there are out there. I mean, the premise is the same, of course, with each one but any time you have a character as popular as this, you’re going to see it cosplayed again and again and not all of those times are going to be exactly the same. It’s a lot of fun to see the different variations and also to learn more about the types of materials used in the costumes and more. Even fine details like footwear and headgear are important to the costume and it’s interesting to compare how different people do it.

“So I did 3 (mini) shoots with my friends while I was at Katsucon. These are some of my favorite pictures from what I got back. It was pretty tiring wearing this around all weekend, but it was worth it!”

revan cosplay 1

revan cosplay 2

revan cosplay 3

revan cosplay 4

revan cosplay 5

Costume made by Wicked Armor: Facebook | Website

Sabers made by SaberForge: Facebook | Website

Photos taken by:

Robyn: Facebook | Tumblr

Crash: Facebook | Tumblr

Valdman: Facebook

Full(er) album is on his cosplay page here: Ednon Cosplay

Lisa Clark

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