Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Darth Revan is Live!

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Darth Revan is Live

The Darth Revan Update is live and available for most players right now! The devswill be doing another update push within the hour for those who were in the middle playing during the update and still need a few pieces of data from the updated client. See you on the Holotables unlocking Darth Revan! n case you missed it, there’s a special icon   in the top right hand corner of battles during the Scourge of the Old Republic. You can hold and press this to reveal some fun history about the character or the battle! Join the forum discussion on this post

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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Developer Insights: Darth Revan

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Developer Insights Darth Revan

Te Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, CG_SBCrumb, sat down with CG_ParkingInstructor to discuss Darth Revan and where this character fits into Galaxy of Heroes. If you haven’t met CG_Parkinginstructor, he is a designer who mainly works on character creation and was the main designer on Darth Traya, Darth Sion, Chewbacca, and Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum) among many others. OVERVIEW SBC: So who is the Darth Revan character?PI: Darth Revan is a dominant leader for the new Sith Empire faction and powers up a team by weakening its own defensive capabilities. Darth Revan will lead a very aggressive Sith Empire team that aims to take down enemies quickly but with a different approach than most. Darth Revan’s kit is focused on effectively taking down the enemy leader while applying beneficial debuffs. We think this will be a very powerful character with longevity in PvP and do fairly well in raids. Check out Darth Revan’s kit…

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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes — The Scourge of the Old Republic

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes darth Revan

With Darth Revan just around the corner, Capital Games released a news teaser trailer. Are you ready to face the Old Republic with Darth Revan? You will need the following characters in an upcoming event: Bastila Shan (Fallen) Canderous Ordo Carth Onasi HK‌-47 Juhani It will be a very difficult task to reclaim the Sith throne. Once you complete your journey to the Dark Side, reworks for HK-47 and Fallen Bastila Shan are on their way and ready to help Darth Revan become an incredibly powerful Sith leader. “When they left after the Mandalorian Wars ended, they were Jedi. When they returned… they were something else.” – Carth Onasi Have you heard the tale of the Jedi who left to investigate the rumors of a Sith Empire and returned as a Sith Lord? After using the star forge to create a massive fleet, Darth Revan has returned to crush the…

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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Jedi Knight Revan Kit Reveal

Capital Games usually post kit reveals before now, but given the importance of this character, they wanted to make sure he was done right – rather than committing too early and then changing his kit. They apologize for the delay – as they know we’re all excited about it – but they wanted ensure our Jedi Knight Revan lives up to that excitement. The team has been working hard over the last few days (and months, really) on Jedi Knight Revan and are excited to share his Kit Reveal over in the Arena and Character Strategy Section. They are planning to release the Ancient Journey for the Legend of the Old Republic this week. We’re pretty confident the event will be ready by the 18th – but there is always a chance with something coming in this hot that they may not finish in time. We will update you if there…

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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes : An Ancient Journey of Redemption

Guys! Revan and the rest of the Knights of the old Republic cast has finally reached Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Maby Revan becomes Cannon soon? Have you heard the tale of the Hero who led the Jedi to victory against the Mandalorians in the ancient war? How the Savior of the Republic faced down the armies of Mandalore and took their leader’s mask? Or, perhaps, the story of a great fall and a return to the light? Learn all about one of the great mysteries and myths of the Old Republic. Prepare to follow the journey of… Jedi Knight Revan! Starting Oct 18th, you will need the following characters at 7 stars to complete the event and unlock a 7 star Jedi Knight Revan: Bastila Shan, Jolee Bindo, T3-M4, Mission Vao and Zaalbar Each of these characters is available on the holotable in one (or more) locations. Here’s where you can…

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Revan: A Star Wars Story

Revan is a much more complicated character than most people realize. Revan—renowned as the Revanchist, honored as the Revan, reviled as Revan the Butcher, dreaded as the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Revan, and praised as the Prodigal Knight. This is a human male in the Star Wars story who has been on both sides of the coin. He was both Jedi and Sith in the Mandalorian Wars, Jedi Civil War, and the Great Galactic War. He has an interesting and complex story, ever changing, and that can be hard to follow if you don’t have a good teacher. That’s why I really love this Star Wars Story from The Scoundrel’s Cantina. All of their videos are great, but this is one of my favorite. It takes a complicated story like Revan’s and breaks it down so that even a non Star Wars fan would be able to follow. maybe you think you know everything there is to…

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How Powerful Was Revan Really?

Revan has long been one of my favorite characters from Star Wars. This powerful, complex character just has so much backstory, so much growth, and had such a huge impact in so many important aspects of Star Wars, I find it hard not to like him. But even if you’re not a fangirl like me, you probably still find it hard not to respect Revan when you learn all about him. It’s not just that he has an interesting story, or that he had the unique history of playing both sides – as a Jedi and as Sith – but also because he was so incredibly powerful. “Revan had many Masters, Zhar, Dorak, Master Kae before Kae left for the Wars. Toward the end of his training, he sought out many to learn techniques. It is said that he returned to his first Master at the end of his training,…

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Celebrating the legacy of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

BioWare is celebrating the re-release of KOTOR on Xbox One with goodies for all. Play the Revan expansion for free, and grap a new speeders for your collection: The Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ team is excited to celebrate Microsoft’s release of the original Star Wars™: Knights of the Old Republic™ coming tomorrow, October 24th, to Xbox One. From gripping dark side and light side choices to legendary characters like Revan, the profound legacy of Knights of the Old Republic lives on in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Now through November 6th, join us in celebrating this legacy: Play Shadow of Revan Expansion for free*: For the first time, we’re offering all players a chance to play the Shadow of Revan Expansion for free. Prepare to face Revan and his fanatical followers! “REVANRETURNS” Visit and enter the shareable code above. This code offers you access to the first two story expansions, Rise of the Hutt…

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Why Revan Was Forced to Become Sith Lord

Revan is one of the best known Sith Lords in Star Wars lore but what made him become a Sith Lord in the first place? Can you believe that one of the greatest Siths to ever live didn’t actually choose that path? He was forced into it but once he felt a taste of that power and control, he was hooked. How much do you really know about Revan? Do you know about his life? What kind of life he had before? What pushed him into the life of a Sith? What did he do after finding himself in this position? Most of us known all about what happened once he turned to the Dark Side. He was the stuff legends are made of. So made the legend? Here’s a video that breaks it all down for you. I love these Star Wars “history” videos that helps you understand just…

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The Deleted Revan Scene from The Clone Wars

Darth Revan speaks with The Son of Mortis in this deleted scene from The Clone Wars. Chances are, you’ve heard of this epic deleted scene from The Clone Wars Season 3: Ghosts of Mortis but you might not know what it’s all about. There is a lot of chatter over this scene because it basically shows us how Darth Revan was almost canon. Is the cut scene still considered canon within Star Wars story? We’ll explore that a bit after but if you have yet to see the scene, watch the video below. See the delete scene for yourself here: So now that you’ve seen it, what is it all about? Here is this scene, we see that the Son has been influenced by two dark entities. They want him to control “The Chosen One”, Anakin Skywalker and bring the world into Darkness. So why did the scene get deleted?…

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