Why Revan Was Forced to Become Sith Lord

Revan is one of the best known Sith Lords in Star Wars lore but what made him become a Sith Lord in the first place? Can you believe that one of the greatest Siths to ever live didn’t actually choose that path? He was forced into it but once he felt a taste of that power and control, he was hooked. How much do you really know about Revan? Do you know about his life? What kind of life he had before? What pushed him into the life of a Sith? What did he do after finding himself in this position?

Most of us known all about what happened once he turned to the Dark Side. He was the stuff legends are made of. So made the legend? Here’s a video that breaks it all down for you. I love these Star Wars “history” videos that helps you understand just what happened and help link it all up for you to help you understand it better. It’s also great for the casual fan who likes Star Wars but may not know how to put all the pieces together.

“Revan is acclaimed throughout Star Wars as one of the most intelligent and powerful Sith but in this video we explain the origin of this famous and infamous dark lord and explore how when Revan first became a Sith it was not by his own control but by the influence of a powerful ancient Sith combined the Mandalorian wars that had slowly eaten away at the light within the young Jedi.

See and learn the rest of it here:

Lisa Clark

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