What ‘Star Wars’ Fans Must Know About Triple Force Friday

Every year, Star Wars organizes its toy holiday, unveiling new collectible for fans. It’s a day for fans to focus on more than just the resorts bonus code, allowing them to buy merchandise associated with a movie that’s yet to be released. As such, collectors prepare for this day like it’s their final exam, ready for all the new toys. 

This month, that day is known as the Force Friday, which took place late last week on Friday October 4th. However, things were different this year. Fans are expecting not only the opening of “The Rise Of Skywalker” in theaters but also the release of “The Mandalorian” on Disney+ and “Jedi: Fallen Order” on video game systems. 

The three new properties transformed this year’s event into the Tripple Force Friday”, which was quite appropriate as it was the third Force Friday in the Disney Star Wars era. This year, their two-year experience proved useful as the triple Force Friday arose personal success. 

During the inaugural event in 2015, Force Friday was a meme-worthy disaster for many fans, though it was the first time that Star Wars was unveiling their toys. However, there was a huge improvement in 2017 as things went much more smoothly. Unlike in 2015, where fans had to miss the toys and collectibles to empty shelves in different cities, Disney made sure to never repeat the mistake in 2017.

Compared to the last two events, 2019 was a cakewalk mainly because the franchise learned valuable lessons from the previous experiences. Starting with the “Rise of Skywalker” set-up, all the specific pegs were on display in stores, making the hunt for collectibles easy for hunters. Amazon also put up their Force Friday items right on time, featuring some of the coolest toys in Star Wars history.

While most fans were concentrating on collectibles, Triple Force Friday was about more than just toys. However, it’s hard to avoid getting caught up in the excitement whether you secretly sympathize with Darth Vader or you’re a proud fan of Princess Leia. As such, having all the fun games and toys might do the trick for you until the official release of “The Mandalorian” series.  You can also wield your lightsaber on the “Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order” video game.

The main star of the galaxy (The Rise of Skywalker) will be unveiled on December 20th in theaters, though “The Mandalorian” series will come earlier. This series will hit the screen on November 12th.