Fan Friday and Summer Events Schedule

This Fan Friday includes details for our upcoming conventions and spotlights from the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ community! Don’t forget to participate in the latest poll and check out our new forum avatars.

TOR at GamesCom and Penny Arcade Expo
Star Wars: The Old Republic will be will be bringing the power of the Force to two more conventions this year, GamesCom (Cologne, Germany; August 19-24 ) and Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) (Seattle, Washington; September 4 – 6). During the conventions, the team we will be showcasing the first public gameplay demo as well as giving away Star Wars™ goodies to attendees. Stop by the community cantina and hang out with some of the members of the Star Wars: The Old Republic team.

If you can’t make the shows, don’t worry! We will have the gameplay demo footage available to the community on our official website. To stay up-to-date on The Old Republic’s conventions this summer, visit the Community Events page!

Star Wars Fan Art
The TOR Community continues to amaze us with their talent, and RiaStarchild is no exception. Check out these gorgeous Star Wars and anime-inspired art from Ria’s Star Wars Pics thread. Ria says she started drawing a long time ago, and her newer drawings are usually her own creations or requests from friends and or forum users. You can also see more of Ria’s artwork on her deviantArt page and The World of MeRioS website.

Star Wars Fan Fiction
Throughout the years, fans have been inspired by Star Wars to create intriguing fiction and roleplaying opportunities. ArikVandar initiated a roleplaying story, Insurrection, which focuses on the planet of Onderon. The Onderon citizens are uprising against the recent takeover of the Sith Empire. Rumors say that the Jedi may be behind the rebellion and the Empire is sending out a task force to squelch the citizens.

You can enjoy reading Insurrection and other Star Wars fan fiction in the Roleplay and Play-by-Play forum.

New Official Poll Released
Do you consider yourself one of the gaming “elders”? Are you new to online gaming and still trying to figure out what “aggro” and “DOT” mean? Head over to the Surveys and Polls and discuss your gaming history with the rest of the community.

New Avatars Released
Last but not least, we have more new avatars! After popular request, we’ve added a group of new avatars to characterize your forum persona. Enjoy!