5 Movie-Inspired Online Games

Thanks to the advancements in modern technology, the movies that are now offered to the public have graphics that are state of the art and seamless. This also translates to the online games that are now available for various users whether young and old. In addition to this, several online games that emerged over the recent years are inspired from the most popular movies.

Online board games

Several online board games have movie inspirations. The popular movie ‘Lord of the Rings’ paved the way for several online games, which include board games that can be played over the internet with other players. Generally, these online board games have traditional board game counterparts with pristine miniatures.

Online casino slot games

There are various online casino games, but the most popular among these are slot games. Games developers from Master88 took advantage of this concept as they saw the potential of gathering more clients by creating games that engages the imagination of many movie lovers out there. Many slot games nowadays are developed with movie inspirations. The leading casino game developer created an online casino game based on the movie ‘Justice League’ wherein the slots mirror the film accurately. This ingenuity keeps more players engaged in the games.

Another online casino slot game that was based on a movie is ‘Ted’. This online casino slot game was developed with exceptional 3D graphics and authentic sound-bites. The brilliant attention to detail of the developers of this game make this online slot game unique and visually engaging. Last but not the least is the online casino slot game based from the movie ‘Planet of the Apes’. This was intricately designed to accurately depict some film clips and intense music.

Online video games

There are tons of online video games which took inspiration from popular movies. One of these is the video game series based from the movie ‘The Lion King’. Apart from the movie-like characters and backgrounds, the developers of this game were also able to adapt the very popular soundtrack of the film, making the players feel like they are in the movie.

Online RPG games

Some online RPG, or role playing games, also took inspiration from popular films. One of these online RPGs is the series of Star Wars games, which was also based on another RPG. This was ‘Ghostbusters RPG’, which in a similar manner, took inspiration from the movie.

Online strategy and simulation games

‘Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis’ is perhaps one of the most popular online strategy games based on a movie. Although the graphics are not well developed because it was conceptualized and design in the early days of gaming technology, this game was strategically entertaining for most of its players. It is both an online strategy game, as well as a simulation game that entails the need for you to build the park and run it.

To wrap things up, online games are continuously being improved to provide users with a complete gaming experience. To level up further on this, games are designed after different movie inspirations to leverage on the popularity of the movies and attract more gamers. Nevertheless, these online games prove to be more visually engaging and entertaining.