Is the Future for All Gaming Online?

It’s hard to deny the huge success online gaming has been finding over the past decade, the dramatic rise of esports as a whole has taken the world by storm as the biggest events have started to match or even surpass viewership numbers of even the biggest traditional sporting events and the growing popularity across different genres continues to attract a much wider audience too, but a big question yet to be answered is whether or not all forms of gaming will find their way to a majority online presence in the future as adjustments continue to happen.

This past year in particular has seen those who had been firmly rooted in land-based options make more of a change as closure of the brick-and-mortar stores have led to a growing reliance on an online presence, the likes of online betting sites have been the biggest to make the shift as many big offers have shifted to online platforms like virgin games in order to deliver a unique and tailored experience, but this hasn’t been the only industry seeing big change recently.

Other examples are still represented in the likes of tabletop card games – the growth in popularity of things like variety streaming have shown that big names like Monopoly and Uno can be just as fun online with your friends and for those still looking for a social experience this will surely be a way forward for some, particularly when spending time together in person remains somewhat difficult.

Our devices are continuing to change to become more versatile in how they deliver our media and favourite pastime content and gaming will continue to be an indicator for change, the likelihood is that the future of online gaming as a whole is certainly being targeted towards mobile over any other platform and as such the games that are yet to make the change will most likely find representation there,  but there are certainly many other untapped markets yet to be explored that will surely offer a benefit too. 

It’s also just as important to consider future tech still emerging for these games too – platforms like virtual reality whilst still in their infancy have a lot of potential to change the gaming genre as a whole and these more social, in-person games can certainly have the gap bridged with something like virtual or even augmented reality, as such whilst the change hasn’t been seen just yet in the immediate time where gaming is at its biggest point ever, that’s not to say the change isn’t close by as further development happens into new markets that look to deliver gaming in an entirely new way.