Lightning strikes twice with these live casino games

Do you like action-packed and exhilarating casino games like you find them on , that have you on the edge of your seat? Are you looking for an online casino that gives the classics an exciting twist? Then stop the search, as we’ve put together the top live casino games that combine your favourite casino game with heart-pounding bonus features! 

The joy of live casinos is the fact that they bring all the atmosphere of a land-based casino, with real-time gameplay and a human dealer, to the comfort of your own home. Plus, with the lightning bonus features in these casino games, you’ll be in with a chance of winning big! Read on as we explain more. 

Live Lightning Dice

This fast-paced table game will surely get your heart racing, bringing you live and electrifying action straight to your screen. Unlike traditional games, Live Lightning Dice consists of an impressive transparent, ‘Lightning Tower’, filled with obstacles and ramps, down which the all-important red dice tumble and land to reveal their numbers. 

Guided by an entertaining dealer, the aim of the game is to wager on what you predict the total number on the three standard dice will be. You could win an impressive 1,000x your stake if you successfully bet on the total number that will appear on the dice. 

But the excitement doesn’t end there, as you anticipate the striking of the lightning bolts when the dealer releases the dice. Each time the flashing bolts will randomly hit one or more of the numbers you can bet on, to add enticing multipliers. You could win big on numbers three or 18, with a usual prize of 15x your bet, but a potential 1,000x multiplier if they are struck by lightning when the dice are released. 

Never miss a beat, as the action is captured by multiple high-definition cameras and all live streamed to your device – you’ll even see a close up of the dice as they land in the tray at the bottom of the tower. So, immerse yourself in this stylish and speedy table game, and wait and see where the roll of the dice will end up. 

Live Lightning Roulette

Set amongst a sleek, art-deco style studio with a human dealer, this live version of a casino classic is also given the lightning twist! Live Lightning Roulette offers a thrilling experience for all players, from those who love the eagerness of waiting for the ball to stop in that coloured pocket to the players that get giddy over mega pay-outs! 

This live version of Roulette uses a standard European Roulette wheel, with the digital screen behind the dealer, displaying the numbers from zero to 36. Like traditional Roulette, you place your bet on the number that you think the ball will land on, once the wheel has been spun. This could be a single number or a group of numbers, such as odd or even – each of which have a different pay-out. Successfully predict the number or category correctly, and you win the prize! But what sets Live Lightning Roulette apart from its standard counterpart, is its lightning bolt feature. Play from as little as 0.10 credits and wait for the magical lightning bolts to strike. Before the ball finally stops, the dealer will flip the electrical switch and anywhere between one and five of the numbers will be hit by lightning. These will then be boosted by a multiplier, worth between 50x and 500x your wager! And thanks to this unique feature, Live Lightning Roulette has a return to player of 97.30%! Will the luck of the lightning bolt strike you once or twice with this live casino game?