Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Developer Insight: Bo-Katan Kryze

Here is the latest Developer insights from the guys over at Capital Games on Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

Bo-Katan Kryze, the fierce Nite Owl agent, Death Watch lieutenant, and once-upon-a-time Darksaber wielder, marks her arrival to the holotables by calling on Mandalorians to unite in battle! A firm believer in the martial history of Mandalore, Bo-Katan is usually well-positioned to recruit allies to further her objectives and dispense of her enemies.

Bo-Katan stands ready to provide leadership and synergy for the Mandalorian faction by calling them to assist, providing valuable Protection bonuses, dispelling debuffs and granting Critical Damage increases. She also has the ability to inflict Daze and Vulnerable on enemies, increasing the effectiveness of any band of Mandalorians she is leading.

Add Bo-Katan to your roster of heroes by completing her all-new Marquee event and help her claim her rightful place in Mandalorian history.

Additionally, Canderous Ordo’s Unique ability and Sabine’s Special 2 have been updated to synergize with the Mandalorian tag in addition to their existing factions.

UNIT NAME: Bo-Katan Kryze
CATEGORIES: Attacker, Leader, Mandalorian, Scoundrel
A Mandalorian leader that unites fellow Mandalorians and rallies them to assist.




FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical damage to target enemy. If it’s Bo-Katan’s turn, inflict Vulnerable for 1 turn. Otherwise deal 50% more damage.

Special 1: CRIPPLING STRIKE (Cooldown 4)


FINAL TEXT: Dispel all buffs on all enemies. Then, Daze them for 2 turns and deal Physical damage to them.


FINAL TEXT: (Zeta) At the start of battle, Mandalorian allies gain 20% Max Protection for each Mandalorian ally until the first time Bo-Katan is defeated. Whenever a Mandalorian attacks out of turn, Mandalorian allies recover 8% Health and Protection.


FINAL TEXT: When a Mandalorian ally uses a Basic ability during their turn, they call another random Mandalorian ally to assist, dealing 20% less damage (limit once per turn).

Whenever a Mandalorian ally attacks out of turn, they gain 25% Critical Damage (max 5 stacks) until the end of their next turn

At the start of encounter, all Mandalorian allies gain the granted ability Ancestral Armor.

ANCESTRAL ARMOR: Dispel all debuffs on this character. Then, gain Defense Up, Taunt, and Tenacity Up for 2 turns. (Cooldown: 4)

The Basics:

  • Bo-Katan is a Mandalorian leader that unites fellow Mandalorians and rallies them to assist.
  • She creates a strong foundation to build a Mandalorian squad by providing recovery and a number of ways to assist each other.
  • Bo-Katan was created with other Mandalorians in mind and each part of her kit synergies with different existing Mandalorians.
  • While the Armorer’s Leader ability provides the Mandalorian squad with a more defensive option, Bo-Katan’s kit focuses the squad in a far more offensive direction.
  • Each Mandalorian is granted Ancestral Armor, which dispels all debuffs, gain Defense Up, Tenacity Up and Taunt for 2 turns. This cooldown is not shared between units


  • Bo-Katan’s kit was inspired by her appearances in Clone Wars, Rebels and The Mandalorian
  • She uses her iconic WESTAR-35 blaster pistols.
  • The animation for her Special 1, Crippling Strike, was based on her escape from the throne room in The Clone Wars TV show by lobbing a grenade to cover her tracks (and it appropriately dazes the enemy squad).
  • Her Leader ability, Unite the Clans, is based on her appearances in Rebels and The Mandalorian where she is focused on reclaiming Mandalore.
  • We have yet to see Bo-Katan fight with the Darksaber – though it is heavily implied that she has at some point – there are limited references for what that would look like.

Strategy Tips:

  • Unsurprisingly, the Mandalorians create the core of this squad:
  • The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor) can easily build stacks of Whistling Birds from all the extra assists from Bo-Katan’s Unique and Leader ability.
  • Jango Fett and Canderous Ordo are also strong allies as each attack heals the Mandalorian allies with Bo-Katan’s Unique, Stronger Together.
  • The Armorer can use her mass assist ability to provide a very strong heal to the entire squad while dealing a large amount of damage.
  • The Protection Up from The Armorer’s Lead, Our Survival is our Strength, scales with the additional Max Protection from Stronger Together.
  • Bo-Katan herself is a strong damage dealer particularly when called to assist but you’ll want to keep her alive as a good amount of her effectiveness comes from Stronger Together healing Mandalorian allies.


  • The Mandalorian tag has been added to several abilities to help cement the synergies between these units.
  • Canderous Ordo – Unique 1 Mandalorian Veteran – At the start of battle, Canderous gains 10% Health Steal and Potency for each Old Republic, Mandalorian and Scoundrel ally. Whenever Canderous deals damage to an enemy, he inflicts a Damage Over Time effect for 2 turns.
  • Sabine Wren – Special 2 Demolish- Deal Physical damage to all enemies, Stagger them for 2 turns, and Expose target enemy for 2 turns. For each active Mandalorian and Phoenix ally, deal +15% more damage and Expose a random enemy. Mandalorian and Phoenix allies gain Critical Chance Up and Offense Up for 2 turns. If this attack scores a Critical Hit, reduce Sabine’s cooldowns by 2. This attack can’t be Countered or Evaded.
  • When Bo-Katan uses her Basic, Practiced Aim, she inflicts Vulnerable for 1 turn if it’s her turn, otherwise she deals 50% more damage if it’s not her turn.
  • The squad can no longer benefit from the recovery from Bo-Katan’s Unique, Stronger Together, if she is defeated.