IA and Smuggler to get the ability to put your entire group in stealth

SWTOR Smuggler art by superhawkins

Every now and then you hear something about a game or a class in a game that is so awesome, you just cannot wait to try it out for yourself. This was the case when I read that the IA and Smuggler in SWTOR would get the ability to put the entire group in stealth.

Georg Zoeller dropped this piece of golden information on the forums today after talks about the Smuggler not getting enough love as a class in the game.

So Zoeller posts:

“As a non force user class, the smuggler is definitely a bit of a renegade / rogue – something a lot of players won’t try for a while as they explore their Force & Lightsaber wielding Star Wars fantasy.

That said, it’s one of the most versatile classes… and that was before we gave the Smuggler the ability to ‘Smuggle’ (… their entire group behind enemy lines using that pretty rad stealth field generator they pieced together from some parts that fell off the back of some Imperial shuttle).”

Alright, that sounds pretty freaking cool to me! Cool enough that I want to play one so I can try out stealth-buffing my group.

What do you think? Does this make up for lack of Smuggler love or no?