SWTOR Smuggler Gunslinger Leveling Build

SWTOR Smuggler Gunslinger Leveling Build

Swtorsavior have released a new pve leveling build. This build is for the Smuggler using the Gunslinger advanced class in SWTOR. It is a PVE leveling build and as mentioned in the video is a good base if you want a solid leveling build as a Smuggler.

Smugglers in SWTOR can become one of two advanced classes at level 10, a Scoundrel (Healer / DPS Class) or a Gunslinger (a pure DPS class). The Gunslinger uses 2 blasters for increased ranged dps. Gunslingers have three trees to choose talents from: Sharpshooter (DPS tree), Saboteur (DPS tree) and Dirty Fighting (a shared DPS tree shared with the Scoundrel Class).

Below Is a good gunslinger builds to use for your smuggler so you do not have to waste valuble play time figuring out what gunslinger builds work 🙂

As always I will recommend you to get the guide to get the full advantage of all swtorsavior.com amazing features. It is available right here.

  • 3/3 No Holds Barred
  • 2/2 Black Market Mods
  • 2/2 Mortal Wound
  • 1/1 Open Wound
  • 2/2 Dirty Escape
  • 1/1 Shrap Bomb
  • 2/2 Cheap Shots
  • 2/2 Bombastic
  • 2/2 Hold your Ground
  • 2/2 Fighting Sprit
  • 1/1 Black Market Equipment
  • 1/1 Wounding Shots
  • 2/2 Reopen Wounds
  • 3/3 Street Wise
  • 2/2 Bravado
  • 2/2 Saboteurs Utility Belt
  • 3/3 Independent Anarchy
  • 1/1 Shock Charge
  • 2/2 Dealers Discount
  • 2/2 Contingency Charges’
  • 1/1 Insurrection
  • 2/2 Arsonist
  • 3/3 Sharpshooter
  • 2/2 Steady Shots

Single Target Rotation:

Flourish Shot
Sabotage Charge
Shock Charge
Shrap Bomb
Vital Shot
Wounding Shots
Speed Shot
Charged Burst
Aimed Shot
Flurry Of Bolts
Try and keep your Energy regen up by staying above 60 energy.

You can use Flurry of bolts if you fall below 60.

Multiple Target AoE Rotation:

XS Freighter Flyby
Thermal Grenade
Shrap Bomb
Sweeping Gunfire

Survival Options:

Scrambling Field
Defence Screen
Hightail It