SWTOR Releases a New Advanced Classes Page

If you’ve been wondering about the Advanced Classes in SWTOR and what they will be like, you don’t have to wonder any more.

Just after the interview with MMORPG.com about Advanced Classes, SWTOR.com releases the news today of their new Advanced Classes page. This redesigned page gives you more information about Advanced Classes and the unique skills and abilities that your character will have that allow you to customize your character to your very own unique playstyle.

You can use this new page to learn more about each of the Advanced Classes more in-depth than ever before to help you make a decision about which you want to play. You can use this new page to find out about the different skill sets that will be available to your class as you level up in SWTOR.
Choose from:

You can use the Advanced Classes page to find out what options will be available to each class as well as what skills you will get depending on your choices.

If you’re not sure what you want to play yet, it’s still a fun way to explore the different options that will be in the game upon release (which we’re all hoping will be sometime very soon).