BioWare’s Zoeller: In-Depth Advanced Classes Reveal

For fans wanting to know more about advanced classes in SWTOR, Bioware’s Gerog Zoeller is giving more details in an interview with This is exciting news as the interview contains exclusive, in-depth coverage and reveals of the advanced classes that has not been previously revealed.

In the interview, asks Zoeller the following questions:

  • How will players get to the advanced classes system? Once unlocked, how much customization will players find within the advanced class they choose?
  • The Sith Warrior can become the Juggernaut or the Marauder, can you give us some examples of skills that make up these two advanced classes?
  • The Bounty Hunter has a similar design with the Mercenary and Powertech, can you tell us about skills that define the offense and defense of these two specializations?
  • The Jedi Knight offers players the Sentinel and Guardian, what are the main differences when playing these classes? What options are offered in terms of skills for players to explore?
  • The Gunslinger class for the Smuggler is easy to figure out, but what about the Scoundrel? It seems like a very gadget heavy class, what skills will players be able to use?
  • The Sith Inquisitor looks to be more of a force heavy mage style class. The Sorcerer gives a clear definition of using a lot of Force power. What about the Assassin? Is it a Stealth/Mage hybrid class?
  • Can you give us some insight into the Jedi Consular specializations? How will the class be defined from the Jedi Knight?
  • In terms of the two factions how do the Advanced Classes stack up? Does every class have its equal? How are you handling class balance?
  • Zoeller explains “Advanced Classes are introduced once a player has reached level 10 and left the relative safety of their Origin World.”

He goes on to describe what happens to the gameplay once you have chosen an advanced class, such as new abilities and access to skill trees. Specific examples are given. As you can see from the list of questions, he also gives an in-depth run-down of each of the advanced classes, what they are about, certain abilities that are unique to each one and more. It’s well worth a read if you’re itching for some more TOR info to further convince you why you need to get this game!