SWTOR Faction Classes Not Mirrored Exactly

We wrote before here on the site about how the SWTOR classes are mirrored on each faction side and how that can be a downfall to people who like to play both sides (like myself). I want to have one of everything in an MMORPG but I’m now learning that the classes are not actually mirrored completely.

A post here in this thread explains that there are problems and differences in the attempted mirroring across the factions. For example, some issues are in the numbers (cool downs or how long a spell or effect lasts) and other problems are in the animations. One Reddit user took the info in this thread and compiled a list of the differences in the mirrors as follows:

  • JG’s Freezing Force slows for 6 seconds, SJ’s Chilling Scream (equivalent) slows for 9.
Freezing Force : Chilling Scream
  • JK Blade Storm has a wind up time (the jedi visibly pulls his hand back) and a travel time (both moves are 10m), SW Force Scream deals damage immediately regardless of range
  • Project (Cons) doesn’t damage until projectile hits, SI Shock does damage instantly.
  • Mortar Volley (Trooper) takes about 2 seconds for any damage to be registered in the area, while Death From Above (BH) damages instantly. (Not Confirmed)
  • The talent Accomplished Sawbones (Scoundrel) provides a 5%/10%/15% crit healing bonus opposed to Accomplished Doctor (Op) 10%/20%/30%.
Accomplished Sawbones / Ingame : Accomplished Doctor
  • Flash Bang (IA) has a 60 sec CD, Flash Grenade (Smuggler) has a 90 sec CD.
Flash Bang : Flash Grenade / Ingame
  • Debilitate can be used while moving, Dirty kick forces the player to stop.
  • Smuggler Sab Charge takes time to get to the target, IA Explosive Probe hits target instantly
And here’s a video:

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