SWTOR Faction Classes Not Mirrored Exactly

We wrote before here on the site about how the SWTOR classes are mirrored on each faction side and how that can be a downfall to people who like to play both sides (like myself). I want to have one of everything in an MMORPG but I’m now learning that the classes are not actually mirrored completely. A post here in this thread explains that there are problems and differences in the attempted mirroring across the factions. For example, some issues are in the numbers (cool downs or how long a spell or effect lasts) and other problems are in the animations. One Reddit user took the info in this thread and compiled a list of the differences in the mirrors as follows: Jedi Knight / Sith Warrior: JG’s Freezing Force slows for 6 seconds, SJ’s Chilling Scream (equivalent) slows for 9. Freezing Force : Chilling Scream JK Blade Storm…

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Republic Fleet Datacron: +10 All Stats

To start, you’ll need the Red Crystal Artifact found on Corellia, the MGGS found on Alderaan, and a Blue Crystal that you can get right there in the Museum on the Republic Fleet (which is where the fun begins). On to the guide! To begin, you’ll need to head to the Museum on the Gav Daragon within the Republic Fleet. You can do this by heading to the “Mission Departures” elevator on the main Republic Fleet ship and taking it to “Interfleet Transport.” Take the taxi to the “Gav Daragon” and then take the only elevator you’ll see to the “Gav Daragon Bridge.” Once there, head to the right (on the map, you’ll see an elevator-like circle, but no elevator icon) and take that elevator to the “Museum.”” Museum Access Once you are in the Museum, you need to jump up to the shuttle on top of the platform (you…

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