Republic Fleet Datacron: +10 All Stats

To start, you’ll need the Red Crystal Artifact found on Corellia, the MGGS found on Alderaan, and a Blue Crystal that you can get right there in the Museum on the Republic Fleet (which is where the fun begins).

On to the guide!

To begin, you’ll need to head to the Museum on the Gav Daragon within the Republic Fleet. You can do this by heading to the “Mission Departures” elevator on the main Republic Fleet ship and taking it to “Interfleet Transport.” Take the taxi to the “Gav Daragon” and then take the only elevator you’ll see to the “Gav Daragon Bridge.” Once there, head to the right (on the map, you’ll see an elevator-like circle, but no elevator icon) and take that elevator to the “Museum.””

Museum Access
Once you are in the Museum, you need to jump up to the shuttle on top of the platform (you can mount up and use the gray panel on the wall to help you). Once there, go inside the shuttle and use the panel. This will blow open the door in front of the shuttle, giving you access to the Blue Crystal. Now that you have this (and the MGGS/Red Crystal), jump onto the other platform (the one with the statue) and use the only part of the statue you can right click. This will put your Red Crystal into the statue, giving you access to a small green button also located on it.

Here are some screenshots to explain what I’m talking about:
Put your crystal here.
Push this button on the statue.

Now that you’ve used the button, the force field to your right (if you’re facing the button) will disappear and you will gain access to the door behind it. Simply go through the door and follow the path. The path will split and to the left is the bridge (which you cannot go across yet). Straight ahead will be the bridge controls.

Here is the map I will be referencing throughout this post. Memorize it or keep it open in a different tab/window while you read this post for maximum benefit.

Bridge Access
BC1 and BC2 are Bridge Control 1 and Bridge Control 2. You’ll notice there are 2 BC1s and 4 BC2s. The easiest way to do this is to have 3 people at the only bridge controls you’ll have access to while one person waits at the bridge. Each person will use one of the bridge controls, all at the same time. This will lower the bridge and allow the fourth person to go across.

The person who crossed the bridge will head to their BC1 point while one of the original controllers goes to wait for the bridge. The other two will stay at the two BC2 points. The three non-bridge-waiters will use their bridge controls, allowing the bridge-waiter to cross.

The two people who are across will now go to their BC2 points while one person on the original side goes to his or her BC1 point and the other one becomes the bridge-waiter. The points are all used and then the three that are across use the three bridge controls on their side to let the last person across the bridge. Now, the fun begins.

Grappling Points, and Panels, and Datacrons! Oh My!
From now on GP = Grappling Point.

The Numbers on the map (you still have that open, right?) are the Grappling Points. The Letters on the map are the Panels. Each Panel activates a Grappling Point:
A activates 1.
B activates 2.
C activates 3.
D activates 4.
E activates 5, but only with other panels still active (we made sure each and every panel was active, and we recommend you do the same).

Now that you are all on the other side of the bridge, try not to die. I recommend only people with the Red Crystal try to access GP 1, because you will die. If you die, you have to use the statue to get back in. If you do not have a red crystal to use the statue, someone with a red crystal will have to kill themselves and you’ll have to let two people across the bridge instead of just one.

If you go into space (yes, seriously), just type “/stuck” and you’ll be sent back to the bridge control area.

GP 1 is hard to see in my screenshots and hard to see unless you know what you’re looking for. Stand where my character is on the map, facing the same direction. Look up. You should see a beam to your right. Between that beam and the ceiling above you, you will (hopefully) see the GP. If you don’t, try checking the video above to get a better feel for it (though I’m pretty sure that isn’t much help either). It took us awhile to find it, don’t give up.

Now What?
Send one person to Panel A. This person will stand there and just click the panel every 20-30 seconds to keep GP 1 active. Everyone else (if you have a crystal or are okay with taking risks!) are going to be trying to get to GP 1.

This is the hardest part of this Datacron by a long shot. The player icon on the map (still open, right?!) is right about where we were able to get to GP 1 consistently. When I say consistently, I mean 3 times out of well over 200 tries. Good luck.

Once someone is at GP 1, the rest is fairly simple. I recommend doing it multiple times to get a feel for the timing and the other GPs, that way you can feel confident in letting the person at GP 1 jump down to get the Datacron. If the person at GP 1 is not 50 or does not want the Datacron for whatever reason, let (read: make) him or her stay up there while you finish.

The Big Finale
Now that someone is at GP 1, send one person to Panel A, another to Panel B, and another is going to get into position to shoot themselves to GP 2 where Panel C is. Once everyone is ready, Panels A and B are activated, someone shoots to GP 2 and activates Panel C. Those three players type “/stuck” to get themselves back up to the bridge control area.

If GP 1 is coming with you, he or she should activate Panel D and also type “/stuck”. Everyone now jumps down to the beams and shoots up to GP 3. At least one person needs to then grapple to GP 4 and activate Panel E. If you have one person that can do this reliably, then I would only send that person because this grapple can bug out (far less than GP 1) and kill you.

Once Panel E is activated, everyone grapples to GP 5. Now, just go through the door and follow the path to your +10 All Stats Datacron!

Final Thoughts
This is seriously frustrating and took us a few hours to complete. If GP 1 wasn’t so obviously bugged, it would be very entertaining and awesome. But GP 1 is bugged, so it’s just an exercise in patience.

I know this guide isn’t the most clear guide of all time, but I haven’t seen any other Republic guides. My video is probably even worse. With the video, this post, and me trying to explain it for 5 minutes while staring at a map, I really hope somehow it will all come together and make some sense. If it still doesn’t, try getting across the bridge and looking for all the Panels/Grappling Points. If you see them all, try activating Panels individually to see which Grappling Points they activate. This should help clear up some of the confusion caused by this guide.

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