The big list of free SWTOR guides

Sine the launch of Star Wars: The old republic almost one year ago, we have steadily updated our website with new game guides. Now one year later, it has become increasingly hard to find the the guide you might be looking for. There for are we creating this list for a better overview. This will be a work in progress and we will do our best to keep the list updates. If there is something you feel you need a guide on, let us know in the comments below, and we will see if we can help out. We won’t be doing any leveling guides as swtorsavior already have an amazing guide for that among other things. You can get their guide here.


Raiding/Flashpoints Guides:

Galactic Starfighter

General Raid guides:

General Guides: 

Vanity Pets:



 Bounty Contract Guides

Misc Class guides:

Armor and outfits:

Free to play 

Companion guides

Crafting Guides

PVP Guides