SWTOR Tauntaun Mount: A Guide on How You Can Obtain Yours

SWTOR Tauntaun Mount guide

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If you’re one of the many SWTOR players that have anticipated the arrival of Tauntaun mounts, get ready to celebrate because your wait is over. They’re finally here! BioWave added Tauntaun mounts to the 2.3 update, so you can now travel through the galaxy on one of these incredible animals instead of a vehicle. It gives the game a completely new feel and you’re sure to enjoy the change.

Now that they are here, the next big question is how do you get one? Well, you have two different options. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but buying a Tauntaun mount with cash is not one of them. Here are your two options.

Use Credits to Buy Your Tauntaun Mount

The easy, simple way to obtain your Tauntaun mount is to be a subscriber and spend 1.5 million credits to buy one. If you want a specially designed mount, you can get one for 2 million credits. If you want to buy a Tauntaun mount with credits, go to Hoth and look for the Tauntaun sellers located outside of the Dorn Base and the Aurek Base to make your purchase. While some players will have the credits to buy one, it’s not something that every player will be able to do so for everyone else, you can choose the second option below.

Collect Tauntaun Domestication Data Items

If you don’t have the credits to buy a Tauntaun mount, you’ll have to collect Tauntaun Domestication Data items, which you can exchange for a mount. Start your quest by visiting the Tauntaun trainer at one of the bases in Hoth and stock up on Tauntaun Lure. They cost 500 credits and you’ll need as many of them as you can buy in order to collect enough of the Tauntaun Domestication Data items needed to trade for a Tauntaun mount. After acquiring your lures, leave Hoth and start looking for the Taun fawns nests.

You’ll find them somewhere in the following locations:

  • There is one nest at Whiterock Wastes
  • There are two nests at Icefall Plains
  • There are three nests at Clabburn Tundra

Go to one of these locations and use your Macrobinoculars to find exactly where the nests are located. Once you find one, go to it and you’ll see three Taun fawns inside. Feed them the Tauntaun Lure to try to get one of them to come out.

The bad news is that getting a fawn to come out of the nest is very slim (about 20% chance) and you can only feed them one time. Then you’ll have to wait for the cool down that usually lasts between thirty to sixty minutes. During this time however, you can switch instances or visit another nest so you’re not just hanging around waiting for the cool down period to end.

When you finally do get one of the fawns to come out, be ready! A Wampa will try to kill the fawn and you’ll need to kill it first to obtain the Tauntaun Domesticated Data item. Do this fifteen to twenty times and you’ll have enough of the items to visit the trainer in Hoth and exchange them for a Tauntaun mount.

Special Note

It’s important to note that you can only acquire mounts for one of your characters. You should also note that you cannot buy an “unlock” for all the toons you have in your account because the Tauntaun mounts are not part of the collection.

Don’t forget to check out constantly growing list of guides for Star Wars: The old republic

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