Tips for Getting the Most of Game Update 2.3

Tips for Getting the Most of Game Update 2_3

SWTOR Game Update 2.3 is now live. Titans of Industry is here and it’s time to say hello to the Czerka. If you spent any time on the test servers, you might already be somewhat familiar with this game update. But if you’re just jumping right into that new content, then you might want a few tips to help you get started with a bang.

Get your group on- First, if you’re going to dive in and enjoy the new content, don’t be shy. Just like with other game updates, this new content will be easier, faster and more enjoyable in a group. The quests are not hard but just as always happens when new content releases, the areas are going to be super crowded with all the players trying to get things done. Grouping up will help you complete the quests, rather than fight over the zone space.

Don’t skip the Flashpoints- It sounds obvious but sometimes players will skip the Flashpoints because they don’t want to wait for a group or they prefer solo content but there really are benefits to doing them with this update. If you like solo play, switch to story mode to do the Flashpoints. If you have raid gear, you should be able to pull it off.

Do your dailies on all your alts- If you want the most from the update, you will want to use multiple characters to do the Czerka dailies.  If you have the time and you do it on multiple characters, you can complete that rep grind much more quickly.

Kill everything- When questing and completing areas, you will be tempted to skip over mobs, especially when there are many players in the area. Try not to do this so you can get the Republic quest “Workforce Reduction” and the Imperial quest “Staff Cuts” that come from drops on the mobs.

Go out prepared- Another tip that sounds obvious but remember that you’re going to be out questing and leveling and if you go prepared with empty bag space, and all the extras you need, then you will save time and get more done while you’re out there.

Have fun- Too often in MMORPGs these days players get so caught up in what that they need to do and keeping up in the game that they forget it’s supposed to be about having fun. It’s a game, remember? So while you’re enjoying the new content from the game update and trying to keep up with everyone else, remember the main point to it all and have some fun.

What tips would you add for getting the most out of Game Update 2.3?

Lisa Clark

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