5 Fun Board Game Apps to Kill Time When You’re Not Playing Star Wars

Not too long ago, we went through a stage when it seemed as if board games were gone for good. The almighty console offered a vastly superior gaming experience, while there were plenty of great PC and mobile games as well. Ironically, technology became more capable and we’re now in an era where digital board games are all the rage.

Perhaps people realized that digital alternatives to their favorite board games of the past have a multitude of benefits. They’re much cheaper, you don’t have to spend hours cleaning up and organizing all the pieces, and you can bring everything along with you in a single slab of glass in your pocket. You can also play against opponents around the world.

With new technology like augmented reality allowing you to merge digital and physical elements to add new dimensions to your favorite games and keep things social, now is a great time to take a look at the best board game apps you can currently find. You know, just so that you have something fun to do while Star Wars loads up.


If you prefer a solo experience, the tried, tested and trusted worker-placement formula that makes Agricola so popular is sure to keep you busy. This board game is all about keeping your family well-fed by raising livestock, growing crops, and baking bread. It’ll take a while to fully master your strategy and balance your resources, making it a pretty fun challenge. 


Carcassonne is a deceptively simple board game that’s fast-paced, quick to learn, and challenging to master. If you are a bit of a strategist, this classic puzzle-style game will definitely put your skills to the test. Today’s version is available on both Android and iOS with improved graphics, solo challenges, and some good music. 

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is a revered classic in the board game world and its digital reincarnation is no stranger to praise, either. Despite being around for a good few years, there’s still an active community and thanks to a recent update, Ticket to Ride looks better than ever. If you like trains and board games, this is probably your best bet. 


If you’re wondering how an app can merge pen-and-paper gaming with an intuitive digital solution, Roll20 is a great example. It’s essentially a set of tools that you can use to improve your board game experience. This includes a powerful dice engine, comprehensive data sheets, text chat for multiplayer games, and community-submitted character sheets. 

Race for the Galaxy

Temple Gates Games knew what they were doing with Race for the Galaxy. Despite being intricately detailed and dense with information, you can easily zoom in and around the game on even a small smartphone display. Of course, Race for the Galaxy is best played on a tablet, with challenging AI and top-notch visuals.


There’s clearly a lot more to mobile gaming than flapping birds and clashing clans. Pick out a few of your favorites and let your friends know. This way, you’ll always have something to do when the going gets boring.