Star Wars Battlefront Interview: “There Are 10,000 Ways to F*** This Up”

Star Wars Battlefront Interview - There Are 10,000 Ways to Fuck This Up

After returning from E3, one of the questions you will receive first is what all did you see? The most anticipated game at E3 was definitely Star Wars: Battlefront.

Lucky players got to play the magnificent demo and gave fans a wonderful experience before others. While the game plunges straight into the action as soon as you hit start, what stands out the most is the attention to detail in the landscape and surroundings. From the beautiful sparkling snow to the frozen plains with an AT-ST at your side, you will not be disappointed with this amazing game.

After enjoying this amazing experience, Rob Crossley from Gamespot got to sit down with Patrick Bach, the general manager at DICE. They discussed EA’s upcoming new release, Star Wars: Battlefront. Here is a snippet of the interview.

GAMESPOT: How has your E3 been? You must be very happy with the reception to Star Wars: Battlefront?

BACH: Yes it has been amazing. We have set very high standards, and you plan everything you want to achieve, and heading into E3 you focus on what you want to show, and you try your best to make sure it all works. So honestly, things have been very good.