Komatu: Two Very Impressive Hours With The Star Wars Battlefront Beta

Star Wars Battlefront Beta

Patricia Hernandez it’s not actually a huge Star Wars fan, however after spending a few hours playing Star Wars: Battlefront on the PS4 a while back, she stated that she was starting to feel what all the fuss is about. This post is her experience with the time she spent with the game.

The visuals are amazing but it’s not just because they are pretty to look at. In her opinion, the best thing that strikes her about them is how well they show off the work, threadbare quality that the majority of the objects found in the movie are seen as well. The blaster gun isn’t all fancy, it’s rough and rugged. Futuristic but still somehow old, which is simply amazing. With these graphics and the combination of DICE’s amazing audio design, Battlefront completely transports you into their world. Star Wars fans will absolutely love the details and the nostalgia of the game. It’s a completely different experience to look at Tatooine rather than walk through it and actually feel the ground and rock crumble beneath your shoes.

Here are here complete thoughts about the game that she has experienced so far, but they are in no order.

Patricia said that she absolutely loved the jetpacks in the game and most of the time the jetpacks are too floaty. However, Battlefront is an exception to this rule. With only one press of a button, you character jumps across the ground with great force. The landings stick but they aren’t exactly perfect. It almost has a dangerous feel, like you could easily kill yourself if you aren’t too careful. Of course this won’t actually happen but it just feels that way. Some players may accidently miscalculate their landing and actually kill themselves or just by pulling off shenanigans.

In her opinion, reloading your weapon was strange at first and took a few times doing it during battle to get used to the tempo of shooting and then letting your gun cool down before you can shoot again. If you do mess up by chance, your blaster will overheat and the result is a “Gears of War-like active reload mini game.” If you press the right button at the right time, you can automatically use your gun again. However, if you don’t, you have to wait just a few seconds for the blaster to cool off. It’s just a small detail but it does take some time getting used to.

She only spent a small amount of time she played the Survival missions, and these are the game’s version of horde mode. During this mode enemies will come at you in every direction and in waves and each wave increases its difficulty if you survive. The beta will only let you play up to the sixth wave.

Patricia’s favorite part is when an enemy is in a jetpack and you kill them. They then usually start to spin out of control and then explode. It seems like a really awesome thing and the Survival mode in the Beta was just a tease. You don’t get to play through enough waves to use the power-ups that you get for defending certain areas, and the enemies aren’t particularly tough early on during these modes. She recommends for players to try a few matches in the mode before diving into the meat of the game, which is much harder. She was able to test out every available gun and loadout in a quiet environment without having to actually unlock the gear, which is something you will have to do in other modes. Every gun has a certain feel to it, so you will want to play around with them first.

Drop Zone mode is quite a bit harder and there is more to it. The basic task is that you have to attack or defend “Pods” from enemies. If you can arm a Pod and defend it for a long enough time, it will then drop goodies for you to use in the match. Such goodies are shields, turrets, and grenades. The mode actually has an objective where it’s not a mindless team death match mode, but it’s still pretty easy and straightforward.

None of the previous modes can actually prepare you for how crazy “Walker Assault on Hoth” is. It’s a huge 40 player mode that feature rolling objectives that change depending on how well your team is doing. You play as either the Rebels who are trying to kill off the Empire’s AT-AT attacks or, you are able to play as the Empire and you will have to protect your walkers.

This mode can be quite overwhelming at first. You actually feel like you are part of a huge war and this means you can’t run in and try to kill everyone, guns blazing. If you do this you will die quickly. The best way to make any progress is to be tactical, while you try to mount an attack or defend against your enemies. Team work is the most important key here.

It’s easy to compare Rush Mode to Walker Assault in Star Wars: Battlefield because they hit on many of the same notes. Imagine running beside a giant AT-AT, which can crush you in seconds. During all this fighter jets are overhead and they are shooting stuff in the distance. You will also have heroes and villains on each side, and these are power ups that let you play as the classic characters like Boba Fett and Darth Vader. Another note to add, you typically have about 40 other players running around at the same time. It’s a crazy, fun time.

Her favorite moment on Walker Assault while she was trying to shoot down an enemy from a far distance. She kept shooting and was wondering why he wouldn’t go down and why he had so much health. As she made her way closer to the enemy, who was killing everyone in his path, she soon realized that it was Luke Skywalker. She was scared and scrambled to stay hidden because he was nearly dead and she thought for sure she could finish him off. However, he kept deflecting her shots and seconds later she was dead, but it was the best thing ever.

The beta is now open to the public and we would love to hear your comments about the game so far. Feel free to let us know below.