E3 2015 Game Of The Show Nomination - Star Wars Battlefront

Zachary Ryan from was one of the lucky people who got to play a demo of Star Wars: Battlefront at E3. We are going to recap his story and his experience with the upcoming game.

First, Ryan says that he is terrible at Star Wars: Battlefront and it didn’t surprise him because he doesn’t do well with shooters. He stated that he died 15 times during the first few minutes of gameplay but he did keep pressing on. Once, he respawned in a tunnel away from the battle zone and he saw a power icon. He grabbed it and noticed in the bottom of his screen that Luke Skywalker was waiting for him to take over.

As he became Luke Skywalker and walked confidently to the battlezone, he pulled out his lightsaber. The camera then zoomed out to a third person camera angle and he felt powerful and alive. Luke Skywalker’s movements were extremely fluid and not nearly as clumsy as the regular Rebel Soldier. When he jumps, he really fly’s high.

He then proceeded to run up a ledge and come up behind two Snow Troopers. He then used the Force Push ability and it literally flung them over the edge, killing them both. He then knew that this was the ultimate Star Wars game that he had been waiting for. His time was steadily coming to a close with the game and he felt on top of the world as Luke Skywalker. He was invincible!

I was promptly killed at least another half dozen or so times as a standard Rebel Soldier before the end of the match, but it didn’t matter. For that near-100 second chunk, I was a hero in the most iconic battle in Star Wars history.