EA prepared to delay Star Wars Battlefront ‘if it wasn’t right’

EA prepared to delay Star Wars Battlefront 'if it wasn't right'

EA announced that they were prepared to delay Star Wars: Battlefront past November if something was to go wrong during the games launch, said COO Peter Moore.

After speaking to MCV, Mr. Moore said that “you can’t ship it if it doesn’t work or the quality isn’t right. You just bite the bullet. Trust me, shipping Hardline in March was not the easiest thing to do from a business perspective, but it was the right thing to do from a player perspective.”

“We’d have no compunction, no hesitation that if something went wrong with Battlefront, if it wasn’t right, we would just push it.”

“But that’s not going to happen,” he continued. “The game is playable with 40-players already, and it is rock solid, so it ain’t going to happen”.

Mr. Moore’s comments come after 18 months when the publisher saw some major problem during the launch of Battlefield 4, which was a similar online shooter as Star Wars: BattlefrontStar Wars: Battlefront is due to launch on November 20th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.