starwars battelfront concept arts

I got in contact with an insider who got to play EA’s upcoming game Star Wars: Battlefront, and we got some nice or not so nice info from his play session. I couldn’t get a screenshot or an unreleased asset from the game to back this leak, so take it however you want. Keep in mind that things might drastically change nearing release as these pieces of info are coming from a really early build of the game.

It was said that a closed alpha test was done directly after the game’s second reveal at the Star Wars Celebration. This close alpha test was only done for a few EA employees and it ran for a week. This makes one believe that there will be a public alpha test held in Q3 2015 if they did decide to have one, and also a public beta test about a month before the game officially releases.

The latest trailer for the game shows the Forest Moon of Endor and this is the same map that was played. The server held 40 testers, which was 20 players vs another 20 players during a new gaming mode that the insider was not totally thrilled about.

This game mode makes the map be set into a vertical look and has one team spawn at the bottom and the other at the top. There are a total of 5 capture points, these are located at the bottom part of the map, two on the top, and one in the middle.

In order to win the match you need to either capture all five points or end it with the most points captured before the timer runs out. However, you cannot capture an area without capturing the other areas before it. You must capture the points in numerical order.

If a team captures the middle point an AI controlled AT-AT will appear and start attacking, heading towards the other remaining enemies captured points.

That’s all the info we managed to get, and again I don’t have any proof to legitimize the leak, but I thought I’d share it.