Imperial Agent talent trees leaked- Medic/Operative

Someone leaked screenies of the Imperial Agent talent trees over at Alter SWTOR today. They are interesting to say the least, but have some people questioning whether or not they are legit. As with anything that is leaked during a closed beta, we can’t be 100% certain it’s real unless we have played the game ourselves.
And even if it is real, there is the disclaimer that this is just beta and many things- talents and talent trees included- are subject to change by the time the game releases. So while it may be little more than speculation, let’s go ahead and entertain the idea that these leaks might be legit and take a look.
We get a nice peak at the UI, the talents and what levels they will be available to the class. We also get some info on what each ability does, the cooldowns and the amount of energy they will cost.
Whether you plan to play a healer or not, it’s always helpful to know how the healers will function in an MMORPG since it is very probable you will end up in a group with one at some point or another. The ideal flashpoint group makeup will include a healer and it can be beneficial to know how they work, no matter what class you play.
Take a look at the screenies and let us know what you think? What do you like? What do you hope they change before the game goes live?