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Lars Mikkelsen Discusses His Role as Thrawn in Upcoming Live-Action Series “Ahsoka”

The anticipation among Star Wars fans is palpable as we approach the debut of “Ahsoka,” a new live-action series on Disney+. One of the most intriguing aspects of this upcoming show is the return of Lars Mikkelsen as Grand Admiral Thrawn, a character he previously voiced in the animated series “Star Wars Rebels”​​. The series is set to premiere in August of this year, raising the excitement levels of fans around the world​​.

Thrawn is a blue-skinned Chiss hailing from the Unknown Regions of the galaxy, renowned for his strategic military acumen. Introduced in Timothy Zahn’s 1991 novel, “Heir to the Empire,” the character quickly became a fan favorite due to his calculating and strategic approach to warfare, akin to playing chess. Thrawn’s impressive tactical skills led him to rise through the ranks of the Imperial Navy, culminating in his ascension to the top position after the temporary downfall of Emperor Palpatine at the hands of Darth Vader​.

The news of Mikkelsen reprising his role as Thrawn was unveiled to a euphoric crowd at Star Wars Celebration Europe earlier this year, marking one of the most exciting reveals for the future of the Star Wars universe. However, transitioning a character from animation to live-action isn’t a straightforward process, and Mikkelsen has shared insights into how he has approached this challenge​​.

Mikkelsen explains that certain aspects of Thrawn’s animated portrayal needed to be toned down for the live-action version to avoid a caricatured representation that might undermine the impact of the character. The actor emphasized that the goal remains to present Thrawn as a sinister and imposing adversary for the heroes to grapple with, whether in a single season, multiple seasons, or even the recently announced feature film​​.

I’m not losing the voice, but I am tweaking it into live-action. When you do an animated character, there’s a whole melodious approach. When you’re there as a real person, that would be just slightly too much.

In an interview with Empire Magazine, Mikkelsen detailed his approach to adapting his performance for live-action. He expressed his enthusiasm for playing the complex character of Thrawn and explained why he needed to evolve his portrayal in live-action. Certain elements of the “melodious approach to animation” don’t translate well to live-action, he noted, and therefore required adjustments. Despite these changes, Mikkelsen is not “losing the voice” of Thrawn but “tweaking” it to suit the new medium​​.

The actor also expressed his admiration for Thrawn’s character, especially his strategic ascent within the Empire and his unique approach to understanding his opponents’ culture. “And then of course, how can you not like a very clever villain? Thrawn takes the time to understand his opponent’s culture, and what they’re about. It’s lovely to be playing that,” Mikkelsen said​​.

Ahsoka” is primed to offer a fresh perspective on familiar characters from the Star Wars universe. With the meticulous approach to character adaptation and the palpable excitement of the cast and crew, fans have every reason to look forward to the series’ debut later this year.

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