Interviews Daniel Erickson on SWTOR

We’re all about fun stuff related to SWTOR and getting to send that info on to you. This is why we especially love Q&A sessions and lots of them come out at events like Comic-Con or shortly after. We found a great interview with Daniel Erickson over on and even if you think you already know everything he has to say, there may be some new bits in this article.

Here, Erickson talks design decisions, negative responses and the future of SWTOR which has yet to launch but is selling pre-order records for BioWare. It’s an MMORPG making records before it’s even been released. How is that for awesome?

So anyway, here’s a snippet of the interview, courtesy of

Q: At Comic-Con this year, one of the Star Wars: The Old Republic developers said the team hopes the game will last for decades. Can any game legitimately have that kind of longevity?
Daniel Erickson: That was James Ohlen and he was making a joke that got misquoted and misconstrued. Always watch what you say at a con!
Q: What are the steps it would have to take to last that long if it were the case?
DE: Some sort of free beer and pizza dispenser connected to said game?

Do you remember that analyst some time back that made industry predictions about SWTOR and also called it a “WoW-clone”? Well, Erickson’s talking about this guy, too. They talk about game marketing, action-bar style combat systems, the decision to cut companion deaths and more.

It’s a good solid read and well worth your time to check out the full Q&A session. Come on back here after you’ve read it and let us know what you think.