What’s the Connection Between Gaming and Fitness?

Most people see gaming as a sedentary lifestyle that involves sitting on the couch for long hours with your eyes glued to the screen. Based on research, most people play video games to have fun, interact with other people, and enjoy the challenge. However, technology has led to the development of video games that aim at improving your mental, physical, and emotional fitness. These type of video games that combine gaming and fitness are called active video games. Exercising by playing active video games is called exergaming or active gaming.

This means that unlike engaging in physical exercises outdoors or at the gym, you can also workout from the comfort of your house using a game console. Nonetheless, exergaming technology is still a hot topic. Most people consider it as a destructive product to the increasingly virtual, digital, and technologized society.

According to studies, active video games encourage children to get involved in sports and other physical activities. This boosts their fitness and minimizes the chances of gaining weight or other related diseases such as obesity. Furthermore, dynamic games that involve PlayStation Move, Xbox Kinect, or Nintendo Wii-U can help children develop proficiency in different sports.

Common examples of best fitness video games include WiFi and Dance Dance Revolution.

Healthy Benefits of Exergaming

At least an hour of moderate to vigorous exercise daily is essential to a child’s health. Exergames aim at motivating children and adults who dislike working out to have fun as they exercise. Video games that involve dancing and cycling can be useful in burning excess calories and fat. Moreover, these games will strengthen your muscles and improve your mobility and stability.

Studies have shown that active games burn more calories than brisk walking and are beneficial to overweight children. Apart from that, fitness gaming is essential to people suffering from type 2 diabetes. Since exergaming is less vigorous, if done well, it yields good results in the long run.

Physical Benefits of Active Video Games

In most cases, fitness games provide a level of activity similar to the cardiovascular workout achieved by joggers and runners. Experts cite that gamers get carried away by the exercise while they enjoy their gaming experience.

Research shows that if coupled with performance enhancement product from 120kgs, these games can help to boost speed, endurance, and muscle growth. Skills acquired during these activities can also be necessary for real-life situations.

Cognitive Benefits of Exergaming

The interactive nature of active video games is also known to help gamers improve their mental fitness. Good mental health involves having a good memory, being able to multitask, excellent problem-solving skills, and the ability to make decisions quickly.

Furthermore, the cognitive benefits of active video gaming helps to delay dementia among elderly people. With improved cognitive skills, children can perform better in their academics and boost their concentration.

Social Benefits of Exertainment

Active video games provide an opportunity for people with similar interests to interact. This enables you to make new friends and boosts your self-esteem and confidence.