Unreleased Star Wars Video Games

Do you ever wonder what happens to all of those great video game ideas that never make it to production? Here are some Star Wars video games that never actually existed but it sure would be fun if they did!

  • Star Wars The Empire Strikes Dak for Atari
  • Pitfall! Sarlacc Edition for Atari
  • Is it Operational? For NES
  • Uncle Owen’s Moisture Farm Tycoon for Xbox
  • And more!
Unreleased Star Wars Video Games
Pitfall! Sarlacc Edition for Atari
Is it Operational? For NES

Uncle Owen’s Moisture Farm Tycoon for Xbox

Now that we’ve had some laughs, here’s a real unreleased Star Wars video game:

Super Star Wars is an unreleased platform game developed by Brain Bug that was originally supposed to be the PC port of LucasArts‘ SNES game of the same name. It all began in 1994 while most people of their team worked on another game, Lollypop. Since the SNES version of Super Star Wars was one of their favorite games and Softgold – the publisher of Lollypop – had a good relation to LucasArts, they told them about the idea to port it to the PC. LucasArts gave them green light to proceed.

LucasArts provided the source code and the binary data from the SNES version and Brain Bug worked on the game. They even shared several versions to test it. But when the game was almost finished, communication suddenly stopped. After asking several times about the status, the guys at Brain Bug finally got a response. In that time, LucasArts had been changing management and they decided that the game wouldn’t fit in with their other Star Wars games. So, the whole project was cancelled.

Here’s video from the game:

If you were able to produce your own Star Wars video game, what would it be about and what platform would you create it for?

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