Series of EA Project Cancellations Leaves Gamers Fuming as it Under Delivers on Disney’s Star Wars Gaming Franchise

Series of EA Project Cancellations Leaves Gamers Fuming as it Under Delivers on Disney’s Star Wars Gaming Franchise

In the latest breaking news involving EA, the company failed to dispel strong rumours from reputable sources, rumours which proclaimed the cancellation of the promised, long awaited and much anticipated, future release of the next single player title meant to continue the massively popular Star Wars saga.

Initially developed under the codename Ragtag which aimed at creating a linear gameplay adventure. However, a mid-2017 reimagining refocused the teams to instead develop an open world environment re-focused on delivering a broader player experience. Ironically this mid-2017 reimagining seemingly is possibly also the reason for the project’s death, since developing “a broader experience” would apparently have required too long a build period, driving costs up.

The most common fan response to that would be somewhere along the lines of “come-on EA, Bethesda managed to create just such a series of open world games with each episode of The Elder Scrolls series and it went on to become one of the most played gaming series in history”. For instance, Bethesda’s latest full release of The Elder Scrolls open-world series of games was Skyrim, released in Dec 2014 and five years later despite its massive age (in the gaming universe) it still remains one of the top 10 most played games worldwide.

The Star Wars project, currently codenamed Orca, remained under development ever since its initial announcement nearly three years ago, it promised to deliver the next instalment in the Star Wars single player series of games and this latest news of its cancellation once again destroyed long raised hopes amongst avid followers of the genre.

EA, have since entering its exclusive deal with Disney in 2013 to develop new game titles for the Star Wars franchise, consistently and continuously broken the hopes and hearts amongst fans of the massive Star Wars fan base across the globe.

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Adding to the exclusive deal, EA’s most recent creation of the Star Wars series, released in 2017, was a sequel to the 2015 reboot of Star Wars’ Battlefront sub-franchise. Titled Star Wars Battlefront 2, its release, marred by controversy surrounding in-game microtransactions during the runup to the launch date, had testers and other players criticising EA, raising concerns during beta testing regarding a pay-to-win in-game atmosphere.

Controversy raged, reaching such a peak it ultimately saw all Battlefront 2 microtransactions pulled in its entirety just prior to release, a decision ironically coming from the executives at Disney which in the eyes of players placed developer EA in an even worse light.

The first Star Wars Battlefront, a multi-player title, shipped over 14 million copies within six months of its 2013 release, followed by EA’s microtransaction disaster surrounding the 2015 release of Battlefront2. A game which provides fans of the franchise with an excellent online multiplayer. However, this leaves Star Wars fans with no single player option other than Star Wars The Old Republic, a by now 7-year-old release, which still enjoys the support of a massive player base but technological advancements leave fans of the old title gasping for the goodness delivered by newer updated graphics and gaming engines.

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