Star Wars Galaxies Saga Continues

Star Wars Galaxies is in its last days. The sun is setting on this saga and SOE hopes it will go out with a bang! The dev team is working on the final few months of the MMO and they are issuing a challenge to the Imperials or Rebels. The fate of the galaxy, once and for all.

It’s all about an exciting Galactic Civil War in the game with new events and new chances to win points for your side. It’s even bigger thanks to the recent GU20 update.

Before the end date of December 15th when SWG will shut down forever, the score will be tallied and there will be a winning side announced and etched into the record books for all of eternity. The ending of the game itself can be affected by which side wins so if you’re still into SWG, now is your chance to fight for your side, once and for all.

But what if you’re a neutral party? Well, don’t worry because SOE also has plans for you to help the game be more interesting and to help you countdown to the last days in fun.

But remember that if you want to take part in the parting days of SWG, you need to be signed up and subscribed prior to September 15th. After that, no new registrations will be allowed.