EA Allegedly Working on New Open World Star Wars Game

electronic-artsIf we can believe the newest rumors going around, EA is working on a new open world Star Wars game. Kotaku broke the news, which was spotted in a job listing: “EA Canada is looking for an experienced Animation director to help define and deliver on the vision for a major new next gen open world action game.”

The game will probably be the second or third AAA title released after the deal from EA with Disney and Lucasfilms. As we reported recently, this gives EA 10 years of exclusivity with Star Wars video games. This means we can expect to see a little bit of everything coming soon. There will be games for the PC, for consoles and maybe even mobile or Facebook games. While these games will be Star Wars based, we can expect to feel a touch of EA on each of them as well.

The first major release is Star War’s Battlefront. After that, we’re not sure where the major release will come from. We could see something from EA Canada, which confirmed earlier this year that they were working on an open-world title. They gave no details of this game at the time but later said it would be a Star Wars game.

EA Redwood Shores is also working on a Star Wars game and we don’t know much about this one yet either. But as for these other upcoming games, we can really only speculate at this time what they will be about.

What do you think of an open world Star Wars game?

Lisa Clark

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