BioWare Bans Old Republic Player for Using Internet Meme

“I’m 12 and what is this”.
Is BioWare meme-ignorant or was this an awesome case of self-owning? Here’s an interesting story of a recent SWTOR ban. Apparently, this user/gamer was banned for using an Internet meme:

“I’m 12 and what is this”.
According to the reports  this player posted the popular meme in a forum post and was then “permanently suspended” for age violation, as the game requires you to be 13 or older to play.  (The writer in me loves that Kotaku pointed out that a “Permanent suspension” is a bit of an oxymoron.)
Here is an image of the Community Support message regarding the alleged ban:
While many readers are calling this outrageous, we have to be realistic about it. How is BioWare to know that the user was, in fact, using an Internet meme and not actually 12 years old and violating their terms?
Even if the person is of age, by saying in the forums that they were not, they compromised their account. What do you think about it? Is BioWare wrong for the banning? Should they reinstate the account if the person explains it was a joke and proves they are over 13 years old?
Some are saying BioWare is going too far in their restrictions and bans in SWTOR. Do you agree or do you think this guy got just what he deserves?

And just in case you don’t believe the story is true, he made a video to prove it to us:

Lisa Clark

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