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Actions taken against Credit Sellers and Spammers in SWTOR

Eric Musco just informed the community, that BioWare has taken actions against credit sellers and spammers in SWTOR, by closing several loopholes with the latest patch. Check out the news below: Credit Sellers and Spammers | 10.04.2016, 09:11 AM Hey folks, As you may know from previous posts on the topic, when it comes to credit sellers we will often do a large takedown at one time. This allows us to have the largest impact on the credit sellers without them being able to react. Today was one of those instances. With today’s maintenance we acted on a few different initiatives to help curb the in-game chat and mail spam of credit sellers. Some examples of what was done today include: Banning of thousands of credit selling accounts. Closing a loophole in an existing promotion, that allowed credit sellers to quickly and easily make accounts which could send you in-game mail and…

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BioWare Bans Old Republic Player for Using Internet Meme

“I’m 12 and what is this”. Is BioWare meme-ignorant or was this an awesome case of self-owning? Here’s an interesting story of a recent SWTOR ban. Apparently, this user/gamer was banned for using an Internet meme: “I’m 12 and what is this”. According to the reports  this player posted the popular meme in a forum post and was then “permanently suspended” for age violation, as the game requires you to be 13 or older to play.  (The writer in me loves that Kotaku pointed out that a “Permanent suspension” is a bit of an oxymoron.) Here is an image of the Community Support message regarding the alleged ban: While many readers are calling this outrageous, we have to be realistic about it. How is BioWare to know that the user was, in fact, using an Internet meme and not actually 12 years old and violating their terms? Even if the…

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