SWTOR Ability Delay Fixed after January 24th Patch

This is the fix a great number of people have been waiting on and it’s finally here and confirmed by players. The ability delay bug is reportedly fixed, according to players. What a relief!

Of all the players happy to see this fix, snipers seem to be the happiest as it greatly affected their class play.

While I am not surprised at all that they fixed it, I amimpressed that they fixed it so quickly.
As Massivelyreports:
PrincipalLead Combat Designer GeorgZoeller announced today that theinfamous ability delay should be clearing up nicely, thanks to an overnight1.1.0b patch. He says BioWare didn’t want to wait until the next big patch toroll it out, opting to instead deliver it as quickly to players as possible.

However, Zoeller also notes that the team “is not done improving combatresponsiveness” and has several other tweaks and fixes in the work forpatch 1.1.1. Other areas of improvement that BioWare is investigating includeUI clarity, making cast bars more accurate, and rectifying timing differencesfor specific abilities and animations.

Lisa Clark

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