EA: 200 hours of play per SWTOR class

When it comes to SWTOR, many would-be players are asking about its playability. EA has helped clear up some of the confusion by revealing there will be 200 hours worth of gameplay for each of the six playable classes. This whopping amount of game play will come from the questing and storyline itself and will not include crafting, raiding or the “multiplayer” aspects of the game.

They say it’s a “gigantic” game and if what they’re telling us is true, then it sure seems to be. We’re talking endless possibilities in terms of what to do in the game. With that much playability, SWTOR will be well worth its cost for the game and any subscription fees.


Gamers of all types, particular MMOers, are looking for more from their games. Technology has come a long way and while snazzy graphics and interactivity are cool, many of us still seek that extra something. When you can play through a game in a short period of time and it doesn’t retain its re-playability, it becomes stale, which is about the point when most gamers quit and seek a new game.


BioWare is promising us that something more and something new with TOR. They do shy away from talks of costs and investments, which is something media and many fans continue to harp on. In the long run, how much it cost to make is not important if it pays off with an excellent game and many happy customers.
Will SWTOR live up to the hype? We will just have to wait and see.