SWTOR: Season 8 Rewards

BioWare just posted the preliminary rewards for ranked PvP Season 8 in Star Wars: The old Republic. Check it out:

Season 8 Rewards | 06.13.2017, 06:29 PM
Hey folks,

Here are the preliminary rewards for Season 8! Where mah day-early donuts, Keith?!?!

First, the items that will be given to each individual based on which tier they place in based on their rating:

  • Battle Flag
  • Framed Stronghold Decoration
  • Character Flair
  • Title

Second, the Top 96 folks will additionally receive:

  • Title
  • Character Flair

Last but not least, the individual items which can be purchased with Season 8 tokens:

  • PvP weapon set (one of each weapon type)
  • New PvP inspired Stronghold Decorations
  • Color crystal
  • Mount

In the next few weeks we will work on getting you an exact list of what each item is along with screenshots. As a reminder, the season will be ending with Game Update 5.4. Let us know your thoughts!