SWTOR: Discussion Topic – Master Mode Operation Gear Drops

Eric Musco started an interesting Discussion were they want players to speak there mind on Master Mode Operation Gear. Check it out:

Discussion Topic: Master Mode Operation Gear Drops | 06.14.2017, 09:29 PM

Hey folks,

Since the launch of Galactic Command we have made great strides to change it to be a supporting gearing system versus the primary means of gearing your characters. We still have improvements to make and we will be talking more about gearing methodology in an upcoming discussion topic. For today, we really want to focus on the drops currently coming from Master Mode Operations, as this has been a hot topic. Let’s start with some context on how gearing currently works for Operations at each difficulty (all examples assume 8-player):

Story Mode Operations:

  • Each boss drops a specific Tier 2 Legendary quality item

Veteran Mode Operations:

  • Each boss drops a specific Tier 3 Legendary quality item

Master Mode Operations:

  • Each non-final boss in an Operation will drop random Tier 4 Prototype and/or Artifact quality item
    • Ex: Killing Nefra in Dread Fortress will drop 2 random items which will be of Prototype or Artifact quality
  • Each final boss of an Operation will drop a specific Tier 4 Legendary quality item
    • Ex: Dread Master Brontes in Dread Fortress will always drop 2 gloves

Gods From the Machine does not follow the above rules. Here is how that works:

  • Story Mode – Each boss will drop a specific Tier 3 Legendary item
    • Ex: Tyth will always drop a Tier 3 relic
  • Veteran Mode – Each boss will drop a specific Tier 4 Legendary item
    • Ex: Tyth will always drop a Tier 3 relic

The key issue with Master Mode is the gear you are receiving isn’t being consistently provided as it is with the other Tiers. The primary reason is we wanted the Gods from the Machine Operation to contain BiS gear and be the most consistent source for Tier 4 gear. But, since we only offer one boss encounter right now, it’s making it difficult for you to obtain Tier 4 gear. We have been discussing two ideas to address this issue and would like your feedback:

  1. We double the amount of drops awarded in both 8 and 16-player difficulties. This means there is a random aspect of what is dropping, but there will be more chances of receiving Tier 4 gear based on the number of players participating in the Operation.
  2. We leave the amount of gear drops as is, but we add Unassembled Components to each boss. This would mean that players running Master Mode would not only be receiving a chance at Tier 4 gear, but they are also working towards being able to upgrade/purchase the Tier 4 gear they need. We realize Unassembled Components have been attributed to PvP activities, but we could make that adjustment.

So what do you think? Do you like or dislike option 1 or 2 above? Is there something you are concerned about with either idea? What idea was not mentioned that you think could solve this? Let us know!