How to get the Orokeet Orobird – a guide

This guide have been up on our forum for a while, but they are not being used that much which is a shame, and the Formatting sucked. Now I am posting it again in blog format. Hope you enjoy!

As you may or may not know Bioware implemented a few new non-combat pets, such as the Taunta. One in particular is named the Orobird/Orokeet, as you can see below

In this guide I will show you how to get the Orobird egg, AND how to hatch it. However please note that the egg has a 4-8 hour respawn time.

To start off you will fly your Starship to Alderaan, and then take a speeder to a town you have discovered in the KAAMOS TERRITORY. Then make your way to where my character is below on the map

You will see on your map and minimap that you have discovered a footpath, that is shown by a line of dots. Follow the red line on the screenshot below until

you can see this cave opening:

Enter the cave and go through it (No twists or turn, it’s very straight forward.) until you get out from the other side, when you get out you will be here on the map

Then continue following the footpath until you arrive at this location.

Go forward a little and then follow this video on how to get to the location of where the Egg spawns. (Note there are jumps here.)

Se this video on how to make the jump

Once you reach the nest, the egg that is clickable may or may not be there, as I have noted already it has a 4-8 hour respawn time. When the Egg does spawn, it will look like this:

Collect it and you will receive this item: Unusual Egg

Congratulations, you now have the egg, however you still have to make it hatch by incubating it in very specific locations.

Now, you will get on your Starship and fly to Tatooine.
Once you arrive, you will need to get the Refreshed and Sustained buff, you get this from one of the access panels on the bottom of the many Moisture Vaporators (Moisture vaporator ) around Tatooine, I believe there are some North of Mos Ila and many in the Jundland.

Once you have the buff, take a taxi to the Dune Sea, and go to this location

Once there, go behind the base, and stand below the device with all the Solar Panels and hatch the Egg!

(The device may be in the exhaustion zone, however the buff will make sure your not damaged) However you will again take damage once the Egg is hatched. And HADOUKEN, you now have your own Orobird.