How to get the Orokeet Orobird – a guide

This guide have been up on our forum for a while, but they are not being used that much which is a shame, and the Formatting sucked. Now I am posting it again in blog format. Hope you enjoy! As you may or may not know Bioware implemented a few new non-combat pets, such as the Taunta. One in particular is named the Orobird/Orokeet, as you can see below In this guide I will show you how to get the Orobird egg, AND how to hatch it. However please note that the egg has a 4-8 hour respawn time. To start off you will fly your Starship to Alderaan, and then take a speeder to a town you have discovered in the KAAMOS TERRITORY. Then make your way to where my character is below on the map You will see on your map and minimap that you have discovered a…

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