TOR TV: Dread Fortress 2manned/3manned

Dread Fortress 2manned

We love bringing you stories of players doing cool and interesting things, guild events, server feats and other fun things from SWTOR. So here is a story from Aredun – Titans of The Red Eclipse EU. And it’s not enough just to tell us when you 2 man or 3 man Nightmare Modes. We want to see videos!

So of course, that’s what they did. He originally shared it in the SWTOR forums.

“In the long wait for nightmare modes we all find our own ways to stay entertained, undermanning story modes is ours This time its Brontes & co in Dread Fortress turn! Here are the videos:”

And here you can see the videos yourself:

Nefra (2manned)

Draxus (3manned)

Grob’thok (2manned)

Corruptor Zero (3manned)

Brontes (3manned)

See more cool videos at his YouTube channel here.

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