George Lucas Wanted Boba Fett to Lead Star Wars 1313


I Think most people agree with me that Star Wars 1313 could have been an awesome game. Everything about it  just looked so cool. But unfortunately we all know the game will never happened. Mainly due to poor management by Lucasarts. Today we learned some more about what happened behind the scenes.  Just a few weeks before Star Wars 1313 was official announced, George Lucas himself told the developers he wanted the game to be about Boba Fett and not the protagonist we saw at E3. This of course created some what of a dilemma, as there were no Boba Fess assets ready before the public got a first glimpse of the game.

Check out this great write-up over at Game Informer the downfall of “Star Wars 1313″ and LucasArts, headlined “Fall Of The Empire: How Inner Turmoil Brought Down LucasArts.” Here’s an excerpt about Boba Fett in particular being a direct request by George Lucas:

One of Lucas’ most crushing curveballs came weeks before the game was announced. He didn’t want the protagonist to be a fresh face; he wanted it to be Boba Fett. Without any working Boba Fett assets ready for the announcement, the team members who unveiled the project to the press during 2012’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, had to play dumb. They lied when asked directly about it, unable to mention anything about the iconic bounty hunter being the lead.

The new direction for the game brought the title change of Star Wars: 1313, a name which Star Wars fans immediately connected to Boba Fett since he used the alias CT-1313 in the novel Boba Fett: Maze of Deception. The game was well received at E3, drawing many comparisons to the Uncharted series, the same franchise that essentially landed the killing blow on Indiana Jones.