Server merges happen today, plus allowed characters bumped to 12 for everyone

We have known for a couple months now that Mega servers were on the way.  We have now reached the last part of the process as BioWare merging the last servers today.

Earlier this summer we launched the Free Character Transfer Program which offered players the option to transfer their characters from specific origin servers to selected destination servers. Following the success of the Free Character Transfer Program, and after closely monitoring server populations, we have now taken the next step in our on-going server population balancing process. We have upgraded destination servers in order to support a significantly higher number of players. As of tomorrow, all characters on origin servers will be automatically moved onto the upgraded high population destination servers. By centralizing our player populations on these higher population destination servers, we feel that we can offer our players the best possible Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ experience.

As a result, you may find that some of your characters are now located on a different server. If your characters have been moved, you can find their new location on the server selection screen by clicking on the “Characters” column. Please be aware that no characters have been deleted as part of this process – all of your characters are still available to you and are ready to play!

Read the full official post here.

According to the updated server matrix there are alot fewer destination servers this time, and some of the servers that were originally dubbed “Destinations” are now “Sources” this time around. Check out the full list below:

The Shadowlands: The Shadowlands, Corellian Run, Giradda the Hutt, Mind Trick, Elysium, Thana Vesh, Colonel Tobin, Krayt Dragon, The Razor, Tarro Blood, Anturi Reach, Firaxan Shark, Sith Meditation Sphere, ICE Breaker, Crevasse City, Darth Bandon, Shadow Hand, Sith Wyrm, Dreshdae Cantina, Grand Master Zym

Jedi Covenant: Jedi Covenant, Canderous Ordo, The Constant, Krayiss Obelisk, Kathol Rift, Whitebeam Run, Khoonda Militia, Ki-Ta Kren, Kaas City, Fort Garnik, Hanharr, Sedyn Kyne, Keetael, The Corsair, Nathema, Zez-Kai Ell, Shii-Cho, The Courageous, Assassins of Sion, Eidolon Security, Axial Park, Keller’s Void, Master Dorak, Juyo, The Defenestrator, Telos Restoration Project

The Ebon Hawk: The Ebon Hawk, Kath Hound, Rubat Crystal, Lord Adraas, Sanctum of the Exalted, Shien

Prophecy of the Five: Prophecy of the Five, The Fatman, Firkrann Crystal, The Twin Spears, Anchorhead, Darth Malak, Bondar Crystal, Iron Citadel, Infinity Gate, Saber of Exar Kun, Naddist Rebels, Hedarr Soongh, Davik’s Estate, Gardens of Talla , The Deadweight , Thendys Noori , Sword of Ajunta Pall, Terentatek, Vulkar Highway, Veela, Death Wind Corridor, Cho Mai, Port Nowhere, Kinrath Spider, Rwookrrorro , Belgoth’s Beacon, Helm of Graush

Jung Ma: Jung Ma, Ven Zallow, Ajunta Pall

The Harbinger: The Harbinger, Drooga’s Pleasure Barge, Fa’athra, Veeboo Lunx, Master Gnost-Dural, Darth Xedrix, Gauntlet of Kressh, Zakkeg Beast, Perlemian Trade Route, Zaalbar, Empress Teta, Namadii Corridor, Kaiburr Crystal, Krath, Wall of Light, Vornskr, Soresu, Lord Praven, Master Zhar Lestin, Space Slug, Darth Sion, Hyperspace Cannon, Mask of Nihilus, The Jekk’Jekk Tarr

Begeren Colony: Begeren Colony, Lord Ieldis, Vrook Lamar

The Bastion: The Bastion, The Crucible Pits, The Maw, Rakata Mind Prison, Nadd’s Sarcophagus, Infinite Empire, Daragon Trail, Warriors of the Shadow, Black Vulkars, Shadowtown, The Swiftsure, Dark Reaper, Wound in the Force, Mandalore the Indomitable

T3-M4: T3-M4, The Jedi Tower, Odacer-Faustin Academy, Lenico Gargantuan, Dreypa’s Oubliette, Stereb Cities, Force Harvester, Opila Crystal, Murakami Orchid, The Cinzia, Sith Triumvirate, Handmaidens of Atris, Supreme Commander Stantorrs, Darth Andeddu, Exar Kun

The Red Eclipse: The Red Eclipse, Nightmare Lands, Dune Bantha, Goluud Corridor, Sluis Shipyards, Dxun Battle Circle, The Arkanian Legacy, Bacca’s Blade, Eye of Ashlanae, Bao-Dur, Flames of the Crucible, Luka Sene, Rogue Moon, Kellian Jarro, Peragus Mining Facility, Ludo Kressh, Hydian Way, Sith’ari, Hidden Beks, Frostclaw

Mantle of the Force: Mantle of the Force, Kissai Caste, Vodo-Siosk Baas, Phateem Halls of Knowledge, Hssiss

Vanjervalis Chain: Vanjervalis Chain, Zayne Carrick, Cassus Fett

The Progenitor: The Progenitor, Shaltin Tunnels, Trask Ulgo

Battle Meditation: Battle Meditation, Kessel Run

Jar’Kai Sword: Jar’Kai Sword, Brianna, Darth Traya, Exis Station, Gnawer’s Roost, Loramarr, The Restoration Zone, Blotus the Hutt, Pius Dea, The Krath Enchanter, Darth Revan’s Mask, Jen’jidai

Tomb of Freedon Nadd: Tomb of Freedon Nadd, The Shadow Runner, Tott Doneeta, The Ravager, The Kumumgah, Hex Droid, Bloodworthy, Scepter of Ragnos, Ahto City, Basilisk Droid, Legions of Lettow, The Exile’s Crystal, Starstorm One, Tassaa Bareesh, Ula Vii, Senator Contispex, Niman, Kai-kan, Chuundar, Trayus Academy, Uthar Wynn, Lord Calypho

Darth Nihilus: Darth Nihilus, Dol Grenn, Mecrosa Order, Atris, Princess Galia, Baron Deathmark, Hrakert Rift, Star Map, Huntmaster

Dalborra: Dalborra

Gav Daragon: Gav Daragon

Master Dar’Nala: Master Dar’Nala