Know Your Lore: Tott Doneeta

Tott Doneeta, also known as Tottdon’eeta, was a Twi’lek Jedi Knight who was an apprentice to Master Arca Jeth, together with his Jedi brothers Ulic and Cay Qel-Droma, on Arkania.

He assisted in ending the crisis on Iziz and fought in the Great Sith War. He was a competent pilot, and learned to fly one of the Beast Rider’s war beasts.

Doneeta was present at both the Jedi Convocation on Exis Station and the Convocation at Mount Meru. Tott Doneeta was also present when his Jedi brother Ulic fell to the Dark Side, and the subsequent action of Nomi Sunrider’s robbing Ulic of the Force. Later, he saved Vima Sunrider by grappling onto her escape pod as it drifted towards a star, due to his delayed arrival at the latter Convocation.

Later in life, he attempted to help Cathar Jedi Sylvar free herself from her anger; however, he realized he was unable to help her, and left the angry Jedi on Cathar. His whereabouts are unknown after that.

As a youth, Tott and his family were enslaved. Jedi Master Jeth rescued them from the slaveship they were imprisoned on, and Tott entered into apprenticeship with the elderly Jedi.
Tott was apprenticed alongside the brothers Cay and Ulic Qel-Droma. Towards the end of their training, in 3,998 BBY, Tott was sent along with his two friends to help end the Beast Wars of Onderon.

As their ship approached Iziz, the Beast Riders assaulted them. Tott said he intended to return fire, but Ulic told him not to and having known him since a fairly young age. Tott decided to accept this decision and did not return fire.

Doneeta, riding a boma  into battle against the Beast Riders

When they landed in Iziz, the Onderonian authorities attempted to arrest Tott as the Onderonians, who had been isolated from the rest of the galaxy for a very long time, had a strict ban on Alien races entering the royal citadel. Ulic and Cay demanded Tott be released, but the authorities refused until Queen Amanoa contacted them requesting that the three Jedi be brought to her throne room.

Upon meeting with the Queen, it was decided that Tott be released, so the soldiers freed him from his shackles. Immediately after introductions were made, one of the Queen’s aides announced that the Beast Riders had broken through the outer defenses. As soon as the three Jedi had vowed to protect Iziz, the Beast Rider Commandos smashed through the Throne room windows, beginning their carefully defined mission. Tott personally managed to kill several of the attackers; however, none of the Jedi were able to prevent the kidnapping of Princess Galia. Amanoa was furious at the three Jedi for not preventing the abduction of her daughter. Despite Tott and Cay’s sensing through the Force that something was amiss, they followed Ulic’s lead and set off to rescue Galia.

As their ship neared the Beast Rider’s headquarters, they were fired upon and forced to land in the wild lands. Tott was the first to scramble out of the ship and also first to realize they were surrounded by Boma Beasts. Luckily for him and his Jedi brothers, Tott possessed a rare and extraordinary Jedi skill that enabled him to communicate with creatures; because of this power, he was able to tame the wild Bomas. Tott learned Princess Galia’s location from the Bomas. She was to be married to Modon Kira’s son Oron. The three Jedi rode the beasts to Modon Kira’s palace, where a ceremony was taking place. The party was disrupted when Tott told the Bomas to charge. It was only after Ulic picked up Galia onto his mount when the trio learned that the princess wanted to marry Oron Kira and that she was there of her own doing. Even with this misunderstanding, Tott, Cay and Ulic were invited to stay as guests at the wedding banquet, to which they agreed.

As Modon lead everyone in a toast to the Jedi, Tott noticed that Cay, as usual, was fiddling with a mechanical object. Tott told him to put the transponder away, but, not wanting to argue in front of the guests, did not object when Cay simply told him that he was doing it so that they could get the ship working again. During the meal, it was revealed that Tott and Cay’s feelings were correct and the planet was shrouded in dark side energies, thanks to Freedon Nadd’s arrival on Onderon centuries before. It turns out that many of the Beast Riders, including Oron’s grandfather Drokko, were banished from Iziz because they challenged the dark side. Ulic decided that he, Cay, and Tott would take Galia back to Iziz and reveal the truth about her kidnapping to Queen Amanoa. The Beast-Riders and Galia were reluctant to follow this plan at first, but eventually agreed if Tott, Cay and Ulic were willing to fight a war against the dark side if they failed.

When the Jedi arrived and explained the situation to Queen Amanoa, she called on the spirit of Freedon Nadd and shrouded Tott, Ulic, Cay, Oron and Galia in darkness. However, while Ulic, Oron, and Galia panicked, both Cay and Tott both remained fairly calm. While Cay confronted Amanoa, Tott escaped the palace with Oron and Galia. Tott watched the ongoing fight between the beast warriors and Onderonian forces. He observed that the way the tide kept turning was very strange. After explaining this to Ulic, both realized that, through the force, Master Arca had been manipulating the fight, much like Queen Amanoa had through the spirit of Freedon Nadd. Arca scolded the three Jedi, particularly Ulic, for not realizing when they arrived that dark forces were at work on Onderon. Arca suggested that this task was perhaps too much to be expected of his three apprentices.

Arca, Tott, Ulic, Cay and Galia then entered the palace. Finding Queen Amanoa calling upon the dark forces of Freedon Nadd, Arca’s appearance caused the darkness to cease helping the old woman, killing Amanoa. The sarcophagus of Freedon Nadd was discovered in a tomb below the palace. Later, Arca celebrated the victory with Tott, Ulic and Cay, but warned them that their task was not over. All four of them would need to stay on Onderon, at least for the moment.

The Naddist Uprising
When Vultan Jedi Oss Wilum arrived to Iziz to help with the Naddist Uprising, it was Tott who greeted him and introduced him to Master Arca. Wilum commented on how ill Arca looked. Arca confirmed that he and his three apprentices, by the dark side’s presence on Onderon, were being sapped of their strength.
Tott was present later, when the war machine carrying Warb Null broke through the ground. Naddists then captured Freedon Nadd and Queen Amanoa’s sarcophagi, which were scheduled for transfer to the Onderonian moon of Dxun. Furthermore, Master Arca fainted. While Ulic tended to him, Tott took on several Naddists while Cay and Wilum took on Warb Null. Together with the Beast Riders, they managed to stop the Naddists from kidnapping the recently crowned queen, Galia. Arca eventually recovered from his fainting spell, with some help from Tott and his Jedi brethren. Tott stayed with Cay and Wilum when Ulic and Arca confronted King Ommin. The old king turned out to be a powerful Naddist himself and was able to capture Arca. Ulic escaped and the four young Jedi flew a warbeast to the Beast-Lord’s citadel deep in the wild lands of Onderon to await the arrival of reinforcements.

When other Jedi and Republic forces landed on Onderon and began fighting the dark side warriors, Tott and his fellow Jedi, as well as Oss Wilum, were delayed in joining, due to the dark side eating at their life force. Only due to the appearance of their fellow brethren were the four young Jedi strong enough to fight the Naddists. It is notable that, due to the Dark Side, Tott’s skin color, originally whitish-yellow, was changed to a very light purple.

Tott was with Ulic and Nomi Sunrider when they managed to find and assault King Ommin. Like Ulic, Tott was very pleased to see that Arca was alive and well, albeit weakened by the dark side. Tott was also present when Freedon Nadd and Queen Amanoa‘s sarcophagi were recovered and entombed on Dxun.

Pre-Sith War
In the time between the Naddist Uprising on Onderon and the Great Sith War a few months later, Tott Doneeta enjoyed a brief holiday with some other young Jedi Knights, including his Jedi brethren: Ulic and Cay Qel-Droma, Nomi Sunrider and Oss Wilum. During this holiday he also spent some time with Qrrrl Toq, Dace Diath, Nomi and Ulic in learning how to fly the great warbeasts of the beast riders.

However, the young Jedi’s holidays came to a swift end when Master Arca announced that the Sith Teachings were not contained and they had spread to the Tetan system. Tott knew Satal Keto and his cousin Aleema, heirs to the throne, had been on Onderon during the uprising. Nomi left with Arca, Qrrrl Toq, Dace, Oss Wilum and Shoaneb Culu to the Jedi planet of Ossus, leaving the three Jedi brothers alone on Onderon again. These three decided to examine the Sith Artifacts still on Onderon. After examining, he met with Exar Kun on Onderon when the Jedi wanted to examine the Artifacts. Tott immediately took a dislike to the man who would eventually become Dark Lord of the Sith.

Later, Tott attended the Jedi gathering on Mount Meru. He was present when Jedi Master Arca was killed, but did not long for the same vengeance Ulic did. Tott was also present when Ulic killed Satal Keto, after Cay and Nomi attempted to “rescue” him from the Krath. Tott advised Cay to “grab him” but Ulic blasted his brother away and realizing it would be useless to try to pull him away, forced Nomi and Cay to leave Ulic behind. Tott also flew a small fighter as cover when Nomi and Cay tried once again to “rescue” Ulic from Aleema.

The Great Sith War
Tott had so little respect for Exar Kun that he did not even attend his speech about renewal of the Jedi way. His Jedi brother Cay did however, but he was not taken in by Exar Kun’s proclamations.
Tott was among the Jedi who went to Coruscant to attempt to convince the Galactic Senate that the Jedi should deal with the Renegade who was causing so much destruction. When Ulic’s forces attacked, Tott helped the other Jedi to protect Coruscant from the Mandalorian invaders. Tott was able to protect himself against fire from Basilisk War Droids. Tott was also one of the Jedi who arrested Ulic on Coruscant during that very battle.

Tott Doneeta and fellow Jedi, assisting with the defense of Coruscant

Tott was also present for Ulic’s court hearing, but did not speak out like Nomi Sunrider, the Cathar Jedi Sylvar or Ulic’s brother Cay.

Tott Doneeta gathers Jedi artifacts during the evacuation of Ossus.

It was Tott who announced to the other Jedi that Ulic’s forces had attacked Kemplex IX. It was this news which sent Dace, Shoaneb and Qrrrl Toq to their eventual deaths.

Tott thought it a great shame that so much Jedi history and knowledge was lost in the fall of Ossus, but tried to salvage as much as he could, until Nomi pointed out Ulic damaging Cay’s ship. Tott then dropped the scrolls he was carrying and ran with Nomi to the scene of the landing. Tott and Nomi arrived just in time to see Ulic kill his brother Cay in battle. Tott was also a witness to Nomi removing Ulic’s connection to the force. Tott attempted to stop her, but was unable to and demanded to know exactly what she’d done as soon as she’d done it, shaking her violently. Tott accepted what she’d done when she told him. He then suggested the Jedi must rally together and travel to Yavin 4 to defeat their final enemy (Exar Kun.)

Tott Doneeta, after surviving a Ryloth heat storm

After the Great Sith War
10 years after the Great Sith War, the great Twi’lek Jedi had returned to his home planet of Ryloth. Tott saw a great heat storm in a premonition and managed to get several members of his clan to safety. He saved many lives. When the heat storm came however, he attempted to stop it using the Force. Telling himself “A Jedi would find a way!”, he managed to stall it for a few seconds but the storm soon engulfed him. Luckily for Tott, he survived with only facial scarring.

When he was recovered by some other Twi’leks a few days later, he refused rest and instead headed immediately for the Great Jedi Convocation on Exis Station.

When he arrived late to the convocation, he sensed that Vima Sunrider’s ship was heading into the star Teedio. Luckily he was near enough to secure her with a grappling hook and tow her to safety. He brought her safely aboard Exis Station to her mother: Nomi.

After the convocation, Tott spoke with Sylvar and suggested to her that she come back to Ryloth with him. She agreed and he took her to his clan’s new city.

When they arrived, one of the clansmen ran to Tott in a panic, telling him that the R’lyek clan attacked them and killed many. Tott vowed to bring peace and as a Jedi, spoke with both leaders. He told Sylvar to help the people of his clan, while he was gone.

When he returned, Tott was horrified to see that Sylvar was attempting to rally the clansmen as soldiers. Tott yelled for them to stop, saying that peace did not come through more spilled blood. Tott had created an arrangement between the two clan leaders and peace had been decided. He was disappointed in Sylvar, telling her that she was too quick to choose violence when another way could have been found.

After that Sylvar requested that Tott come with her, back to Cathar.
On Cathar, Tott was amazed at how the Cathar revered her. Sylvar wanted to find solitude and peace on Cathar, but instead, after seeing families, the planet only reminded her of what she had lost. Tott felt very sorry for her as she remembered her one and only mate (as Cathar tradition dictates) Crado, who joined Exar Kun in the Sith war and was killed.

Sylvar decided she must go on a blood hunt in order to cleanse herself of her anger. She requested that Tott come with her, he replied that he would be honored. Nearing the lair of the Kiltiks Tott noted that he had never seen such devastation not even after a heat storm on his home planet. The two Jedi entered the Kiltik cave, but Tott did not kill any of the bug-like creatures, as Sylvar gave into her anger and killed every last one of them. Tott scolded Sylvar for giving in to her anger and walked away from her into the Cathar desert, telling her to remember Ulic. Little did he know that Ulic would be the one to free Sylvar from her anger on Rhen Var.