Greenpeace: VW Are The Dark Side

In response to one of the greatest advertising campaigns ever to hit TV by VW, Greenpeace have put out their own Star Wars themed ad, suggesting that the German car manufacturer are affiliated to the Dark Side even more than the little Darth Vader advert originally suggested.

Aping the original ad, in which a diminutive Darth adorably struggles to use the force, Greenpeace have introduced a whole raft of Rebellion characters, who confront Darth (who the ad positions as VW’s spokesman of sorts). It’s all terribly clever, though it somewhat devalues the Dark Side by suggesting the grand plan was to destroy Earth via a cunningly conceived opposition to CO2 emission cuts. Terrifying.
Anyway, the video is great (hence the rise of some 60,000 views in a single day!!!):

They’ve also released a follow-up – titles Episode II surprisingly – which is altogether more light-hearted, and features a frankly creepy dance-sequence that will furnish my nightmares for months to come.