Mike “Gabe” Krahulik from Penny Arcade Talks about SWTOR

What does Penny Arcade think about SW:TOR? Now you can find out because Mike Krahulik, known as Gabe on PA, has had access to the friends and family beta of SWTOR and now we has permission to share his impressions with us via the Penny Arcade Blog.
Gabe starts off, “Honestly they had no idea what I was going to say which must have been a little scary considering this is PA, but lucky for them I actually really like their game.”
That’s good news for TOR fans as well. Gabe tells us he thinks TOR will live up to its expectations. We know the PA guys can be pretty critical so this is a positive for BioWare/TOR. He compares the questing in TOR to other MMOs:
Turning the quests into an interactive experience makes me care a lot more about them. A quest is still a chance to get XP, money and loot but it’s also an opportunity to advance your character towards the dark or light side based on your decisions. In most MMO’s taking quests is what you do so that you can go play. In SW:TOR, taking quests is playing.
He also talks about this compared to the last Star Wars MMO and he questioned whether or not TOR would be “Star Warsy” enough for him. Do you think it passed the test?
What about the comparisons of TOR to World of Warcraft? Gabe says:
“In the short time I’ve been playing SW:TOR I have already given more thought to my character than I ever did in all the years I played WOW.”
You can read Gabe’s full 1200-word impressions on TOR for yourself from the Penny Arcade blog.