Star Wars: Uprising – Introducing the Assault Contract Challenge!

There is a new challenge in Star Wars: Uprising, that will earn you a Short-Term Smuggling Contract! Here is the forum post. To go along with this, Daniel Erickson added bit of an incentive to run those Bespin Assaults for some extra credits! You can read up on that here .

Introducing the Assault Contract Challenge!


Players who complete all five of their Assault Missions for at least four days between 3/2 11:00pm PST and 3/8 11:00pm PST will be rewarded with a Short-Term Smuggling Contract!

The Short-Term Smuggler’s Contract is a variant of the Long-Term Smuggler’s Contract, which provides the player with 40 Chromium each day they log in for the next seven days. The Short-Term Smuggler’s Contract will begin on 3/9 4:00pm PST and end on 3/15 3:59pm PST.

The Long-Term Smuggler’s Contract will stack with the Short-Term Smuggler’s Contract so be sure to take advantage of this lucrative opportunity! (Tap the + icon beside the Chromium icon to learn more about the Long-Term Smuggler’s Contract.)

Director’s Challenge — Win 1 Million Credits

Hey Everyone,

After so many questions this week I reviewed the Bespin Battle Readiness targets and last cycle people basically started to run Bespin, got discouraged, stopped and went and ran Mataou, frustrating many of the end-level players. In 2.1, Battle Readiness rewards will scale with level which should alleviate a lot of this problem but for right now I’m going to make a personal challenge with the tools I have. We’re already having an Assault Mission event so I’m going to piggy back off it. Ready?

  • Every Player who completes all of their Assault Missions (5/5 every day) between now and the next Sector Battle kick off AND runs at least 90% of those on BESPIN will go in a pool and one person will randomly be chosen to get 1 MILLION credits.
  • If this results in a Bespin Sector Battle, I will grab an additional winner.

Go. Spread the word. Organize. Bribe. Yell. Have fun.